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How Bizzare Will USA 2020 Election Be?

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2 years ago

Joe Biden has been nominated as the Democratic Party's presidential candidate for the 2020 US presidential election in the United States. 

Most of the political sparring is now taking place online, but even that has fallen dramatically since Facebook fulfilled its promise to ban political advertising closer to Election Day. Congressional and Senate candidates have drastically reduced their ability to campaign in person and stay in touch with their constituents, fearing the spread of the virus. 

The pandemic will also affect citizens' choices in primaries and general elections. The government's response to the crisis will, of course, affect voters "perception of candidates, but it will soon become clear that the COVID-19 pandemics will fundamentally change the 2020 elections. 

According to a new report by the Center for American Progress, state and local authorities trying to navigate this unprecedented situation will react unequally and uncertainly to the pandemic. 

Electoral College, including thousands of officials, scientists, candidates and advocates. Any adjustment to the electoral rules must respect the rules of conduct that voters have shown over the years, and that is unlikely to change. Reforming the electoral system in normal times and in times of crisis risks romanticizing Americans "political commitment and overestimating their inherent interest in politics. 

Many states are trying to expand absentee ballots in the face of a coronavirus pandemic. In the midst of one of the biggest public health crises this country has ever faced, we are obsessed with how COVID-19 and pandemics will affect the remaining primaries and the upcoming general election. 

President Donald Trump forced Republicans to move his convention to Florida after a speech from North Carolina. Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is on the other side of the vote - by absentee ballot. He warned that Trump could try to steal the election and refuse to resign. 

The Trump campaign email to CNBC said: 'Like the Biden campaign, we want to see more of Joe Biden, unfiltered and unscripted. 

More importantly, the states Donald Trump won in 2016 have now shifted to Joe Biden by 6 to 10 points. Biden leads Trump by 6 points in Ohio, 4 points among likely voters in Pennsylvania and 5 points statewide in Michigan. 

The latest gaffe occurred Thursday at a campaign appearance in Pennsylvania, where Biden said the U.S. has 120 million dead Covid when he was trying to say 100,000. Biden is gaining favor with Wall Street, which has benefited greatly from Trump's efforts to scrap regulation of the economy and cut taxes. Longtime Republican pollster Frank Luntz told CNBC on Friday he is getting a boost from voters alienated by President Donald Trump because of his divisive rhetoric. 

The total number of 19 deaths in America is more than 124,000, according to the US disease control agency CDC. 

Indeed, Republicans, who could lose control of the White House and the US Congress to Democrats, this week expressed alarm at the president's weakened political position. In an Economist poll of 1,500 adults conducted July 12-14 by YouGov, Biden led Trump by 52% to 44%. 

The president needs to press the reset button of his campaign, "he told Fox News. In 2000, Bush's son, George W., saw his controversial 537-vote victory over George H.W. Bush in Florida. Former Vice President and former US Senator from Delaware Joe Biden hurried to heed his father's advice to save his presidential candidacy. 

In 2016, Hillary Clinton was ahead of Donald Trump in the polls, barely able to claw out a two-point lead in the popular vote. 

By contrast, basic forecasts - based on projections - tend to be fairly stable, and often give an idea of how voters will change their minds when they tune into politics. While the Trump campaign has largely avoided the regular staff changes that dominated the 2016 presidential campaign and his administration, a shake-up could create some familiar turbulence. Trump, who has been grappling with a series of controversies, including the firing of his national security adviser, has yet to overcome the health and economic crisis facing the nation, from a pandemic that has killed more than 135,000 Americans to the collapse of the US economy. 

The personnel changes are not expected to change the day-to-day running of the campaign, but they could change the tone and tone of his campaign. 

Trump had to cancel scheduled events in New Hampshire and Alabama because of the virus and was replaced the next day by his campaign manager Brad Parscale, who delivered his unlikely 2016 victory. The Republican National Convention, scheduled for August 24-27 in Jacksonville, Fla., where Republicans will officially nominate Trump for a second four-year term, has been canceled because the state has suffered some of the worst outbreaks in the US. 

Without firm national leadership from the president on the pandemic, state and local leaders will have to develop their own strategies, creating a patchwork of political uncertainty about what the future holds.

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2 years ago
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