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The Top 4 blockchain social media to earn real cash from.

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3 months ago

For most of us here, it is no longer new to us when someone mention the name blockchain social media. But for the benefit of those who would easily understand what is social media but would get a little bit confused when the Blockchain is included, I will explain a little.

I'm not an expert myself in the cryptoshere and there are lots of things which I don't know but would love to learn about and that is even the more reason why I'm here on

Blockchain Social Media

It is no longer a thing to be surprised about when we here that social media is such a powerful tool that can connect billions of individuals around the globe. We have seen the likes of Facebook, Twitter and the rest do that. But these social media have weaknesses Which is lack of total decentralization. There is a central control on these social media and the Government have a great impact. There is threat to privacy on those social network and therefore there was a need for a change.

This led to the evolution of blockchain social media which are decentralized social media platforms built on blockchain networks. With that said, one can easily understand the goal of blockchain social media; it is to offer the users total privacy and curb the issue of privacy breach.

Today there a many blockchain social media and more are still springing up with the development of new cryptocurrencies.

My favorite ones are platforms that offer users the opportunity to express their inner selves through content creation. There are many of these social media which only Support videos, others support both videos and written articles. While some only Support written articles. If you have been on for sometime, then you would agree with me that it's actually a great place to be.

One more amazing thing about some of these blockchain social media is that in addition to the privacy offered to content creators, they also get rewarded for their activities.

So here are my top 4 blockchain social media platforms.

Permit me to do it in the form of a count down.


Uptrennd is doing a great job in the social media space. Uptrennd rewards its users with 1up. Uptrennd is more or less like Facebook where people get to make their posts and others comment on and like the post. Each time a user Upvote your article on Uptrennd, you get rewarded in 1up. When a user also get Upvotes on his or her comment, they get rewarded in 1up. That is to say that Uptrennd value engagements a lot. Just like most of these blockchain social media, they greatly frown at plagiarism and Spam. They even have a spam both which goes around checking for posts which are not original and the user gets penalized for it. One of the things I don't really like about Uptrennd is the withdrawal limit. If you haven't tried it, you can do that now.


Publish0x is a great platform which rewards both Authors and readers. They reward their users in ETH, BAT, Loopring, and the newly added one which is Ampleforth. Each time a user reads your post, they can Tip you the author a certain percentage of the provided tips which is from their reward pool and keep some for themselves. Mind you, you can not withdraw anytime you like but you can request a withdrawal and then wait for the pay day.


How did this even make the top 2 when it has not even been around fore more than two weeks? Remember I said it is my top 4. I really love this newly formed social media which might overthrow Twitter in the nearest it is more or less like but for short messages. It rewards users with BCH. $1,000 Worth of BCH is distributed randomly to users per day as free tip from which they can Tip their favorite contents directly. It is being developed by the team and they are actively working on it to improve UI and eradicate spam. Good luck to them.

You get you money in your external wallet immediately you receive a tip. External because the online wallet has not been implemented yet.

This is not surprisingly my first choice. Considering all the attributes including the amount that is earnable on, I can proudly beat my chest that no other blockchain social media or crypto blogging site can be compared to sarcastically, a user can even quit his or her day job for but for now, that's too dangerous to do.

It is backed by bitcoincash network and Users are rewarded in BCH just like on

On, you simply come up with an awesome post and publish then wait for the RandomRewarder to notice you and Upvote your article. Others users and prominent persons in like @MarcDeMesel, @Telesfor, etc might even notice your good and original article and Upvote it. It's that simple. You can earn an amount a user on Poblish0x would earn in a month on in one week if you can simply follow the rules which is, do not spam and do not copy and paste articles. You can never outsmart the bot.

Aside the earnings, there are many good writers and therefore, articles on that you can gain knowledge from. The topics are not limited

These are some of the simple reasons I chose as my best.

There are other numerous social media currently existing on the Blockchain network like Steeemit, Hive, Dtube,,,,,, and many more. I have used some of them before and you can try them out too.

P.s.-I'm not that good at writing articles but I'm learning so please don't discourage me. Thanks for reading

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Written by   114
3 months ago
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