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The power of friendship

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2 months ago

I decided to take some rest from Bitcoincash related articles today and share with you some of my experiences while trying to build friendly relationships with people. Hope you like it but If you are very interested and want to take a look at few of my BCH related articles, please feel free to do that right here. They will be interesting, I promise.

Maybe, I was naive.

You must have heard many stories and opinions about friendship and never really experienced it yourself. Then, I use to be like you when I was younger. Back then, when people say negative things about their friends and friendship in general, I usually look at them with surprise because, all my friends then were so nice and we were all naive. All we do back then was to play and share everything we had with each other. How could I have understood those people when I never had any issue in my friendly relationships. Maybe that happens to be one of the major contributing factors to the beauty of childhood.

The Beauty of Friendship

I have to start from the positive side of friendship because I just happen to be someone who so much believe in positivity.

Friends are part of the most wonderful people in our lives and I happen to have a handful of them. I don't keep so many friends and always try to keep my circle small but the ones I have had and still have, I have gained and learnt a lot from them.

The support

Friends are very Supportive in our lives. The support we gain from friends is probably what gives meaning to the phrase "The Joy Of Friendship". I have friends that are always there for me when I need them and they are always willing to help. When I'm down and frustrated, I have friends who literally offer their shoulders for me to lean on. When I need someone to talk to, maybe to help with some advise, I have friends who never get tired of doing that for me. When I need someone to help out with work or even financially, I have friends who do that for me. The support I gain from friends often succeed in clouding my judgement.

The Company

In company of my friends, there could be nothing such as lonliness. Usually what I do when I'm bored and lonliness starts to creep in is to call a friend. They either come over or I visit them if they are available. We discuss general issues and try to laugh away boredom. Sometimes we play card and video games. This usually ends up putting me in a happy mood and I then forget about my sorrows. Sometimes we go out to have a view of the wonderful works of mother nature, I love that a lot. Friends are just too wonderful in company keeping.

The fun with virtual friends

Sometimes, I would be sitting alone in the room with my phone and be smiling all to myself. Sometimes I even laugh so hard that tears espcape my eyes. If you were there at the door, you would imagine it's group of people throwing random jokes but no, that would be me chatting with friends online. Sometimes group chat or end to end encrypted chat with an online friend. The joy of this is that, it could be that, I have never met with the fellow physically before but we have become so close as friends that we put smiles on each others faces. It is good to have friends.

The Striking Negativity

Yes, friends are good to keep and I have no doubt about that but there are so many negativity that come with friendship. There are friends in our lives who are just wolves in sheep clothings. They pretend to be your friend but they are you worst enemies. If you are not vigilant enough, they might end up in hurting you.

The jealousy

Some people are just naturally jealous of other people's progress and to think that some could be your friends. Your close friends are the ones who know mostly everything about you even more than your family members. When the negative ones who are just there in your life not as real friends notice your progress, they become jealous and break away the bridge. Some might even go to the extent of trying to bring you down so they can continue to step on you. Jealousy is not a case to handle lightly. It can end up destroying you.

This kind of friends who are currently doing better than you would never want you to get to their level and those of them who think that you are better than them, are trying all they could to bring you down to their level.

The pretence

I think the friends that usually pretend to be your friends, but in reality they are your enemies are the ones to be referred to as fake friends. When ever you see them, they would always smile at you but at your back, they gossip you. They say many negative stuffs about you. Some of them are just still there because of what they stand to gain from you. When you bring up an idea, they cheer you in your presence but really do not agree with you.

The Negative influence

There are bad friends who really want you as friends but also wants to initiate you into the things they do Which is obviously not supported and do not benefit the society. Like they say "show me your friends and I will tell you who you are". Some friends just want to destroy your future. They are always drinking and partying and never think positively or bring up innovative ideas. These are the kind of friends to run away from.

Choose your friends wisely

Know the kind of friends to keep. Know the people that accept you the way you are and not try to mode you into who they want. Maybe those are not the best of friends for you. Run away from friends who do not bring anything positive to the table.

Choose to be friends with people who you think understand you and you feel comfortable in their company. People who have thesame idea. Eliminate friends who you have noticed to be pretentious and always jealous of your progress. In this way, you might have a fulfilling life.

Beware of frienemies.

This are the most toxic group of people. They are double faced. They would be eating deep into your bone already from the back but pretends to be your best and caring friend in your presence. Once you get to notice this kind of people in your life, just try all you could to get rid of them.

It is not the number of friends you keep but the magnitude of the positive impacts they have in you life that matters!

Thanks for reading.

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Written by   114
2 months ago
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