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The position of bitcoincash in my daily life

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2 months ago
Bitcoincash is confidently and rapidly creeping into the people's hearts, taking its deserving position in their lives. That's what a project aimed at rescuing the masses from financial oppression does.

Time wasted

I could remember when I knew nothing about Bitcoincash, the earning sites and Bitcoincash trading. Back then all my internet activities were focused on different aspects entirely away from the BCH world. But still, I was an internet freak busy doing things that were not adding anything to my account aside the knowledge I gain from them. I could spend the whole night with my phone probably playing online games or watching YouTube videos. I also love searching for things the way I imagined them to see if they actually exist somewhere. Through this, I have learnt a lot of new stuffs that when I begin to discuss some strange topics with my close friends, they get stunned and marvel at the fact that I know all those things without traveling out. The internet is such a great companion that I do spend a whole day in my room with no one around without getting bored or feeling sleepy. I could even sit with a friend or any other person for hours without discussing with them, busy surfing the net with my phone.

When it comes to social media, I considered myself as the king. On Facebook, this is where all my friends and relatives from far and near reside. The family members who I have never meet in person are there. Those I have meet with physically but not too familiar with are there. The ones I'm very familiar with and even living together with in the same house including my parents and siblings are there. The virtual friends who I have only meet online but formed a very strong relationship with and those who are my actual friends including my best friends are all on Facebook. How could I even forget both my former and present class mates. So, I used to be on Facebook messenger always replying messages from these people. Sometimes not because the chats were so interesting but because I did not want to get them angry for ignoring their messages. I also have to comment and react to their posts. There are also Facebook pages and groups I do visit in search of interesting things to talk about.

On other social media like Twitter, Instagram and social messaging apps like WhatsApp, the story wasn't anything different. Some days, it becomes so tough that I hardly had time to eat or even interact with the outside world.

An eye opener

What I didn't notice was that, I was just so busy doing nothing for myself rather, I was adding money to someone else's account, increasing their Net worth. Social Media is such a great place to interact with people and meet new friends. There exist lots of opportunities on social media but when it becomes an obsession(which it actually was for me), it is the user that gets cheated.

I still involve myself in some of those social media engagements but my activities and time spent there has reduced drastically. I'm still that internet guy who would rather be alone with his phone in a room than going out to chat with friends but my activities on the net has changed pattern. Since I learnt about Bitcoincash, I had only wanted to learn more.

Before getting to know about, or any other bitcoincash earnable sites, I have tried out many online sites where I could earn money because in addition to my passion for internet, I also love passive income. But unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any one that is legit. Most of them would end up wasting my precious time and when it comes to withdrawal, a new story arises or the server stops loading and error messages starts popping up and that's when I would realize I had just wasted my time. I would earn quite well on some of the sites but the method of remittance would become an issue while on some it would take a life time to reach the minimum withdrawal. But due to my love for internet and searching for new things, I was able to stumble upon which introduced me to a whole universe of bitcoincash.

Bitcoincash took its deserving position in my daily life

Bitcoincash has taken a firm position in my daily life which about 70% was and still is on the internet.

My social media updates, chats and the kinds of online videos I watch.

I have realized that, there is no need to keep doing things which obviously does not add value to my life rather, they deprive me of my previous time Which I could have used to do more important things. Away with chats discussing unimportant topics, I now chat with my online friends telling them about Bitcoincash and how they could earn it. Greater percentage of my updates on social media is now about Bitcoincash because I want more people to benefit from and get to use this crypto called bitcoincash.

After I'm done with my academic tutorial videos for the day, Instead of watching uninteresting videos on YouTube, I now search for BCH and other crypto related videos and watch to learn more about bitcoincash.

I also have a new inclusion to the list of social media I'm currently addicted to. It is called There I could almost do all the things I do on Twitter and in addition, I get to earn money in Bitcoincash which doesn't happen on Twitter or anywhere else. It's just so amazing.

So , bitcoincash has assumed a position where it efficiently teaches me how to manage my time on social media by opening my eyes to the fact that activities that doesn't earn me money aren't worth getting addicted to.

The kinds of articles I write

Before the bitcoincash journey, I loved writing but really wasn't passionate about it or maybe, I didn't really know how to write interesting articles. But now, I write a lot.

Every day, I would try my best to make sure I come up with an article worthy to be published on even if there are other articles to write. And most of the articles I have been able to come up with and published successfully here are about Bitcoincash.

Bitcoincash has a position in my daily life now such that, I couldn't pass a whole day without writing about it.

My physical Conversations

I love extending hands of help to people especially those that are close to me and I converse with daily. Most times, it doesn't have to be me giving them money but Idea and pointing them towards an existing opportunity.

I see bitcoincash as an opportunity and when I engage a friend in conversation, it hardly ends without me telling them about bitcoincash, how I have benefited and still benefiting from it.

Bitcoincash is strategically positioned in my life now such that, I could not end a conversation with a friend without telling him/her about BCH.

Trading and How I calculate my net worth

Bitcoincash trading is a new activity I'm trying to learn. For now, I only involve myself in spot trading where I would swap BCH to USDT and back as the price fluctuates. Due to this, I'm always online checking the price of BCH to know when it is most appropriate to swap. The BCH which I trade with comes from no other place than and

I could no longer make conclusions on the Total amount of money I have now without including the amount of BCH in my wallet.

Bitcoincash is positioned in my daily life such that, I can't do without checking the price or remembering it when I think of my worth.

I now speak the language of bitcoincash and I'm very proud of it.

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Written by   113
2 months ago
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I like the passionate way you talk about Bitcoin Cash. You can tell that you have made a change in your life. Yes, on Facebook there are still hundreds of people important to your life, but hopefully, they will soon wake up and try other more beneficial experiences for them, as we have found here in the BItcoin Cash ecosystem.

Have a fabulous day.

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2 months ago

Testo Articolo è molto interessante e davvero fatto bene complimenti!!

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2 months ago