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Bitcoincash; solving real life problems

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1 year ago
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It is of no doubt that bitcoincash has proven itself to be such a powerful tool. Aside it's primary duty of making the use of money easier, there are unending list of bitcoincash positive attributes that the users stand to benefit from.

The most interesting thing about bitcoincash which I have noticed so far is how people become so much glued after experiencing it for the first time. Ask anyone who talks bad against bitcoincash if he/she had used it before, the answer would be no because anyone who understands what freedom is and has used bitcoincash would never speak blasphemy against it.

Bitcoincash is solving real life problems which have persisted for so long and it is really doing that successfully. Ranging from the connection it has created and still building between people from far and near to the right mindset it is instituting into individuals, there is need for more people to discover and use this powerful currency.

Bitcoincash; Bridging the gaps between individuals from different locations

There is this gap that exists between individuals from different countries in terms of business partnership and trades. Many ambitions and talents have been crushed due to the limitations created by the governments through fiats, talking of exchange and international transactions.

The processes that needs to be passed or completed for one to successfully purchase something from a different country is so much that many potential business people become discouraged and narrow their scope down to local or national level.

Bitcoincash is making transaction between any two different countries of the world no matter their locations as simple as sending money to your spouse while lying down on the same bed. Yes, it is that simple.

Bitcoincash is also fostering international relationships through its different platforms; serving as windows between many different countries. Through these platforms, one could easily get a competent person to do a job for him/her and pay in bitcoincash. These platforms also serve as communication channels between individuals from different places.

Bitcoincash; Breeding financially free folks

Bitcoincash is teaching people the importance of being financially free and independent. It is not only teaching this but also assisting people to achieve financial freedom.

Bitcoincash is giving the ground where one who wishes to become financially independent but has nothing to begin with could actually achieve that. Bitcoincash appreciates talent and is ready to reward anyone for displaying it.

Bitcoincash is teaching people how to save money for future. How to set a financial goal and work towards its achievement. It doesn't just teach those things, it assists and provide the platforms for achieving your goals.

Bitcoincash; Offering real time Job opportunities

Under the canopy of bitcoincash, many individuals who otherwise, would have nothing to live on, now have jobs.

If you have been in the bitcoincash community for a while, then you must have seen one or two advertisment asking for competent applicants for particular jobs most especially tech related. Within the BCH community, developers are highly valued.

Bitcoincash is helping the government by reducing the number of unemployed but yet, they are too blind to notice and appreciate that or they just don't care.

Bitcoincash; Correcting wrong perspectives

There are many dangerously wrong perspectives about money and its use which had almost become generalized. Some of which includes the ideas that: One can't have full control over his/her own money without interference from third party, anything crypto is a scam, money shouldn't be easily Spent, no one survive without the Bank, etc.

Most of these ideas are being coined and thrown around by the governments in other to keep the citizens under manipulation. Bitcoincash has opened so many people's eyes and they have realized the Truth and are now walking the path of freedom with BCH.

Ultimately, Bitcoincash is helping the poor and alleviating poverty by; feeding the homeless on the streets, providing basic amenities for those forgotten by the government, and grooming 'the poor but able' to become future rich people.

There are many more to benefit under bitcoincash and you can never regret boarding the bitcoincash train because we're sure journeying to absolute freedom.

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Written by   226
1 year ago
Topics: Bitcoincash
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