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Case George Floyd and Protesting USA

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1 year ago

Hello, i'm Gabriel from Venezuela, i reading this last days much news about the protesting, looting and others things that is happening on USA. But, i'm not sure what is the real opinion of the people about what is really happening on USA with all this problem. i like to obtain info directly of people that live this situation and know the reallity of the things. and i like to add this questions:

1) Is the problem racism or abuse of Power?

2) Some politic is using this for capaing political ?

3) Is the actual government trying to solve the problem cause for this situation ?.

4) What happen now with the COVID-19? the people is ignorating this ?

5) Exists some solution to the problem that is living USA actually ? .

I like to know the opinion of people that live on USA because no is the same read news to saw and survive on a site ( is the same that happen on venezuela, the people only read the news about the things, but not know the reallity that many people need does for survive every day here ).

(Sorry for my bad english)

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