What do I do when I'm bored?

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[September 18,2021|Saturday]

In today’s era, we can’t avoid being bored. We want to have fun right now, but not in the way we go out of the house.Whether we want to entertain ourselves by going to the mall or wandering around with the whole family, but not right now because of the pandemic that the whole world is experiencing. Sometimes I wonder why you are bored with what we do or what we watch on television.

When I want to watch dramas, I spend my time there because sometimes I can't stop myself from watching them and just look for other hobbies. I just sang "bored in the house, bored in the house bored"lols!😂

Let's start...

What do I do when I'm bored?

  • Doing some chores

  • Cut my hair

  • Cut my dog's hair

Doing some chores

When I'm bored, I do the housework early, wash the dishes, sweep the whole house. So sometimes my older brother just says "oh! What did you eat?" I replied to him, "Just shut up brother, I'm just so bored." I'm really annoyed when he says that to me, so sometimes I just don't clean because I'm annoyed and my dad tells me that. How lazy am I for them to say that? Even though I'm not bored, I still do housework, because I'll get angry with mama when the house isn't clean when she comes home from work. 

Cut my hair

I remember when I was in grade 7 I was so bored I went to the bottom of our house to get my cellphone but when I got there I didn't know where I put it so I went to my brother and asked if he saw my cellphone because I didn't I really remember where I put him, it's a good thing he saw my cellphone on his desk so

I immediately went to his room and I saw my cellphone charged, I didn't take it first because he wasn't fully charged yet so I left I went upstairs again and figured out what to do, wondering if I could borrow mama's tablet to watch tutorials about hairdressing while I was looking for a good tutorial my eye noticed a vloger teaching how to cut bangs, I immediately clicked on it and watched I was amazed at his video tutorial and I

thought if I could do that, I also think that's something for me so I immediately went to cr and I immediately went to the kitchen and looked for scissors, when I see the scissors I immediately go to the c.r because there is a big mirror there,before I cut my hair I watched again the tutorial.When my crib cut my hair, I regretted it because it looked like Dora's hair. I really regretted it, and I hid it from my parents, and I wore a headband for a few weeks so as not to notice the mischief I had done.lol! I'm really fool 🤣

Cut my dog's hair/feathers

when I'm really bored I leave the house and go to the other unit to visit my pets. sometimes they also call me a hairstylist because I cut my dogs with their long hair and I style it, sometimes I put a kiray on them to make them look human haha!yeah! I'm a big fool when I'm bored haha, sometimes our neighbors are happy when they see one of our dogs that I put on the kiray, my dog ​​follows when I lay him down and put the kiray haha. ​​I'm going crazy with being so bored🤣

I feel so bad,sorry babies,I'm just bored:>



When you are bored, just think of making it easier for yourself and the things that will not make you bored. Always interact with the people around you so as not to affect our mental health. Always think positive!:>

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