Understand the Nature of God

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Hello Readers! Good Day...

We are all not perfect and I am not writing this to hurt you or to say that I am perfect. Only God sits that High.😁

Who is God? Is He a mystery to you? Do you want to know Him better? Maybe you wonder if God even exists? That's okay. People have wondered about God for as long as...well, for as long as there have been people. They wonder if He's really out there. They wonder if He made the world and everything in it. And if He did, they wonder if God still cares about what's going on.

These are one of God's Beautiful Creations.

Perhaps you've gotten past al of those questions. You definitely believe in God, but you don't know Him. You didn't understand His nature-in other words, His personality. You aren't alone. For many people-even those who claim to be religious-the nature of God is a mystery. It's like God is behind some dark cloud, occasionally speaking in a deep voice to prophets. Other people think God wants to prevent them from having a good time. If they get close to God, they're afraid they'll have to give up their freedom.

While its true there are things about God we'll never know (after all, He is God), there are many things we can know. For example, when we look at our universe-whether its through a microscope, a telescope, or the naked eye-we observe incredible design and order and beauty. That means the Designer (that would be God) must be a being of design and order and beauty. And He must be pretty powerful.

When we look at ourselves and see that we have some idea about God (even when you deny God exists, you have to think about Him), that means the Creator (God again) put that idea in us. Yet, God is more than an idea. He is more than a symbol for good or an impersonal"higher being." God is a very real spirit Being who has always exist in the future. God is personal. God is involved in our world. And God has revealed His nature to us. All we have to do is believe, follow and listen.❤


  • God knows what's in our hearts. We might as well get right to the point.

  • Remember that God value you for who you are, not what you do.

  • True faith involves doing all you can and letting God took care of the rest.

  • God will never send a thirsty soul to a dry well.

  • God is more likely to speak to you with a gentle whisper than with a loud voice.

  • God won't take away a sin until you give it over to Him.

  • The times when you need God the most are when you don't think you need Him.

  • Faith is not an emotion. It is objective trust placed in a very real God.

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1 year ago


God's existence will forever be quesnable for some. While some believe God's existence but questions His capability. If we truly look within and see the universe and how everything comes to being, there is only one answer and that is God.

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1 year ago

Live our life with an overwhelming sense that God is present in the details all around us. There will be no boring moments. Life will take on new meaning when we begin to see God in the small stuff.

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1 year ago

God is good all the time.

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1 year ago

And all the time God is Good

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