The Long Wait is Over

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After nearly three years of anticipation, we are finally on our way to Pictorial Day for our Capping and Pinning Ceremony. What excites us as Medical Students is the opportunity to perform duties and participate in hospital activities. I'm nearing the end of my third year of medical school. This is the year when you leave the classrooms and work as an apprentice in hospitals and clinics. 

Student Nurse to...👨‍⚕️

After two years of cramming medical information through books and exams, you finally make it to the hospital wards, Internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, radiology, psychiatry, and neurology are among the specialties you will experience.

Close your Eyes, Give me your Hand..JK🤣
Picture of when you see your Crush😂

Here's some background on my course: Nursing is not my first choice, nor is it the course that I want to pursue. It was either a Bachelor of Education or a Bachelor of Information Technology. I took the entrance examination test for a specific school, a public university, but unfortunately, I was unable to pass the entrance examination for both of my desires and choices. It was in the year 2018.

I felt hopeless at the time because I didn't have any other options. Then my Lola/Tita suggested that I take the Nursing entrance exam. So, because it was the last week of enrollment for every university and school at the time, we decided to rush to Ormoc, where there is Nursing.


Life will try to make you feel like you're not worthy. Disapointments, rejections, bad breaks will try to steal your sense of value. All through the day, despite what thoughts are telling you, despite who left you out, despite who said you weren't good enough you have to remind yourself, "I am worthy, I am a masterpiece, I am wonderfully made." Don't discount what God has created. Don't go around feeling ordinary when in fact you are extraordinary.

Due to panic i was worried that I wouldn't be able to attend college, I/we didn't realize that there was a University closer to our home than Ormoc, but then again, I'm already at Ormoc, passed the exam because, well, it's a private school (Money is the Key). 

So that was the beginning of my nursing journey. I can't say and conclude during that time that it is my Calling. As the days, weeks, and years passed, I encountered some adversities and bumpy roads on my way to becoming a nurse. Because the school I'm interested in is a private one, the fees and budgeting are a real pain for our family. I won't be able to pursue and complete a nursing degree at that school. 

We've decided to transfer to another school, and that school is public, so there will be fewer fees and money spent. It was difficult to become a transfer student at the same time irregular; you had to endure and persevere for days as you processed papers from the old school to the new one. But guess what, I made it through those papers and now it's time for the exams. 

Even though I am a transferee, I assumed that the only requirements would be my COG (CERTIFICATE OF GRADES) and TOR (TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS), but the Dean of School or Nursing said that I also need to pass two exams: the Entrance Exam for all Nursing Students, the Qualifying Exam, and the Interview. And because I was able to pass all of it, I concluded that Nursing is literally my Calling.

1st year Squad👨‍⚕️

They're my first squad, my friends through thick and thin. We may be far apart for the time being, but the memories we shared will never fade and will last forever. 

The experiences we've had both inside and outside of the Campus will be remembered for a long time. 

We'll meet again when the time is right.

✅ It's easier to make friends than it is to be friend. Making friends simply involves being nice to people you like. Being a friend, on the other hand ,involves serious effort.Rather than waiting for others to make you feel better, you make it your goal to add value to their lives. That's why you can't really be a friend to very many people. It's possible to casually and superficially relate to a bunch of acquaintances at one time,but being a true friend takes time. We all want meaningful friendships. We desire relationships which are based on trust and loyalty,those which go beyond shallow courtesy all the way to"do anything for each other"commitments. You can have this kind of friendship, but it will take time. Your time.

New Buddies 👨‍⚕️
Fly High😘

So much for story telling; now is the time and month for our Capping and Pinning Ceremony. 

My nearly three to four years of waiting and enduring negativity has paid off, and I'm on my way to Duties.


To those who wait:

One day you'll understand why God is making you wait. A Great Philosopher once said, everything worth having never comes easy. All you need is to work hard, be diligent, be patient, and most of all believe your faith.

The road to success might be long and tough, but it is worthy to take! Don't ever lose hope upon our journey towards our goals. Just be assured that God will never leave you nor forsake you!

If God calls you to do it, there's no such thing as you can't accomplish it. He will provide everything you need to finish it

Faith is trusting God in the midst of the storm. Faith is believing in God even if we don't understand the total happenings around us. Faith is trusting God even if it seems like He is silent. We don't the know future holds, but we know who holds our future.

The best is yet to come.

God knows what He is doing.

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You know how to tell beautiful stories... I congratulate you for your achievements and for the future that your heart desires. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Your heart is full of love and hope. God guide and bless your path. Congratulations

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1 year ago

Thank you for this great and good comments ma'am..Much appreciated and your words deeply soothed into my soul.

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1 year ago

All the best for your this journey. Bro You look handsome.

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1 year ago

Thank you bro for the kind words and compliment as well. You too, look handsome

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