5 Brazilian cryptocurrencies

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Bitblocks (BBK) - https://bitblocksproject.com/pt-br
BBK is a digital currency that was launched in 2018 with a focus on the gamer audience, the entertainment sector and also aimed at making payments. The technology used is Masternode, which works as a rewards network, where fees and transaction costs are practically zero.


B2U Coin (B2U) - https://b2ucoin.com/
B2U Coin (B2U) is a Brazilian virtual currency that was, through the BitcoinToYou application, put up for pre-sale in early September 2020. In its first phase, the B2U Bank proposal proved to be innovative, as it seeks to the creation of a digital bank, including credit and debit cards and other financial applications.


MOSS (MCO2) - https://mco2token.moss.earth/pt-br
MOSS is a pioneering Brazilian company in the tokenization of carbon credits. Represented by the MCO2 token, the credit allows offsetting the carbon footprint in activities that emit many pollutants. Part of the amounts collected are used, for example, in reforestation projects in the Amazon.


Hathor (HTR) - https://hathor.network/
Hathor (HTR) is a Brazilian virtual currency that, since the beginning of 2021, has attracted a lot of attention in the cryptocurrency market, mainly because it seeks a more streamlined process for launching tokens and the ability to carry out millions of transactions per second.
If the coin was only sold through internal OTC transactions, resulting in a low transaction volume, the situation changed at the end of 2020, as the crypto was listed on a major exchange, KuCoin, which increased the volume. and the value of transactions.


Lunes (LUNES) - http://lunes.io/pt-br/
Based on blockchain technology, Lunes is a cryptocurrency that emerged in 2018, seeking to offer autonomy to users and decentralization of financial transactions. The operation is based on the peer-to-peer (P2P) transfer mechanism, which guarantees fast and secure transactions.


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