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Why is the famous of today not so famous anymore?

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3 months ago

There are reasons to say that the personalities of recent years are very difficulty to have more recognition worldwide, all of them will be said below.

Do you realize that sometimes when naming a certain character, whether from any field of music, cinema, sports, science or others, it is someone well known by a group while others do not have the slightest idea of ​​who they are mentioning? Do not feel strange, there are several reasons to understand it.

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This is a unique point of view, we are not an example, except the absolute truth, but there are reasons why several of them are not so recognized by much of the public light, which applies worldwide.

In this case, celebrities from the 2000s and backward do not apply, it is very likely that all of them, even those who do not even follow him, know that celebrity remotely. I mean talking about a Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Michael Jordan, Britney Spears, Serena Williams and others are very familiar characters to so many people in the world. In that last wave, Selena Gómez, Drake, Bruno Mars, Miley Cyrus, or even the Jonas Brothers can arrive.

But the new generation of 10 years ago here does not achieve the same impact as the people mentioned. Now yes, these are the reasons.

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Social networks

They have come to further expand their artistic and sports diffusion, among others recognized before this internet boom arrived. However, since there are so many ways to follow your idols from childhood or adolescence, it also generates that breadth to follow many more topics apart from celebrities, which IF some become very well known thanks to this way... YES, for Twitter, Youtube, Tik Tok but outside of their niche of followers, or if they get to be featured in any medium, they can be unknown to another group, which looks like another big disadvantage for that individual.

It's not just TV and radio anymore

This point is related to the previous point. Why before that individual had high recognition? Because before, the only means of entertainment at home were TV and radio in the case of music. In that sense, the famous that was known in these 2 devices, were known in a high percentage. Now, there is the internet, which is why social networks are achieved, streaming broadcasts, you can be successful writing articles online, in a blog, there are so many alternatives to upload and it's great, but not everyone will follow your steps, only certain groups.

Streaming Times

Follow the thread of connections. The current world is dominating streaming over TV broadcasts, that is a fact and we made a post about it, but that does not mean that many will be watching a series, movie, or sporting event at the same time as it was before with TV on a set schedule, another disadvantage for Gen Z. Our parents grew up watching Falcon Crest, more adults followed Friends, we've watched The Simpsons together... it may be your favorite, but not everyone follows series like The Stranger Things or Euphoria am I explaining myself well?


This is one of the two great defects of the new celebrities, abusing technology and the advantages that social networks provide. THEY BUY ROBOTS to enlarge their followers and thus reach millions, but... how many of those followers are human? It is said that more than 60% of the Internet are bots, which makes the nature of the projects that this person or group has lost and that will always be important in this world, human warmth over something else so that the energies are not synthetic.

There is a lot of pride

Having high self-esteem and ego is not bad in any person, but following the point of the bots, it seems that some of them think that they are superior beings to the rest, when they do not have the hierarchy to confirm that, causing their careers to be diluted with the weather. A great example apart from certain artists can be seen in the out-of-order attitudes of some NBA players, disrespecting basketball legends, when they have not even won a raffle, which makes them lose points instead of generating support and grace.

Feet on the ground

They always say that the important thing is not to arrive, but to stay. No one detracts from the difficult obstacles that have been passed to be professionals, but it is always good to keep in mind those who were before you and if you get to know them, instruct you on how to enlarge your legacy. At least here there are several of these times that if they understand that they still have a long way to go, those are the ones that manage to take advantage of their contemporaries.

Youth plus Experience

This is a great law of life, it applies to everything. No organization arises with pure youth or with pure older people, nothing else, here is the advice that cannot be ignored, to stay in the elite of what is practiced, new talents have to be linked with established stars, thus the connection it is maintained and you gain as much new public, as the one that drags these legends of that area.

It may be that there are slight exceptions of celebrities who manage to reach people of different tastes such as Bad Bunny or The Weeknd because they have the fortune to be in the right place and space to have greater diffusion.

In conclusion, we see that this and the following generations will have a very difficult time achieving that great receptivity as if it was "easier" for the celebrities of the 20th century because the ways of watching entertainment expanded.

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Written by   38
3 months ago
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It's easy to become an actress now because of our booming social media unlike before.

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