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Want to earn cryptocurrency without investing? Give Freelance Writing a try!

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2 years ago

We’ve all done it. We’ve heard a friend, colleague or family member mention Bitcoin and gone to have a little investigation ourselves, and we’ve all typed the same thing into Google “How to get Bitcoins for free”

You’re usually directed to the “high end” faucet websites whereby you can earn a handful of Satoshis. You prod your Google machine a bit more, digging a bit deeper into that Crypto rabbit hole. You may come across a micro wallet site, offering lots of coins and faucet sites. “This is great!” You think. Until a week later you’ve put in hours and hours of repetitive work and all you’ve made is $0.50 across 8 different coins. Your anti-virus software is doing back flips and you’re getting fishy looking emails suggesting they know your intimate secrets and want to distribute it to your contact list, but are willing to delete them for significantly more than your $0.50.

You may become disheartened. This rough and tumble world of Crypto can be unforgiving. But if you’ve only made it as far as Faucets then there is a plethora of options that you have still yet to discover. One of these options is freelance writing.

Whilst freelance writing may not be “free” as you are giving up your time and effort to earn crypto, it is a much lucrative option than collecting from faucets.

Where do I start?

“But I’ve never written a single article!”

I hear you cry. Worry not. The world of freelance writing is constantly growing and fiercely competitive, but fortunately you can write about virtually anything and still be able to get paid for it. My first piece of advice would be to write articles on a topic you are passionate and knowledgeable about. Nobody wants to see a botched together article, and I can guarantee no one wants to pay for it.

My own passions are football (soccer) and Cryptocurrency, and I have only ever written articles loosely based on one or the other, I would never try to deviate from these.

How do I write my first article?

Now you have chosen a topic it’s time to start writing. One of the easiest ways to get a platform to write on is to start your own blog. Using the same method as earlier you can search “Set Up A Blog For Free” in Google and there are literally hundreds of different blog providers that you can sign up to. Once the blog is ready, post several thoughts, articles, ramblings etc. The aim here isn’t necessarily to get paid via your blog, but that your blog can now be used as evidence of article writing.

How do I start getting jobs?

Next up is getting a gig. This can either be writing one off articles for different websites or getting yourself a consistent gig with the same website. You’re a freelancer, so you can decide!

There are many different platforms to try and get yourself a writing gig. The best place is that offers a very straight forward way to submit your work to get reviewed. Post up an offer with the price you want for your work and that you will write articles in your chosen subject in exchange for cryptocurrency. Once someone has bid on your offer they will message you to discuss content and pricing. When you are ready to send the article you can also send an invoice with how much crypto you’ve charged as well as your wallet address. All very simple and straight forward!

Another good place is r/Jobs4Bitcoins on Reddit. You can write a post saying that you’re a freelance writer for hire and hey presto you’ll get messages asking to provide evidence of previous work, or what you charge per word, or you can even be given a topic right off the bat to write about to be used as an example of your work. I have had a few different writing jobs via this avenue and every time the people I have dealt with have been very professional.


Whilst you may be a beginner in both freelance writing and cryptocurrency make sure you get very familiar with both topics. As previously mentioned freelance writing is very competitive, ensure you research blog posts and articles about your chosen field to see what the best writing style is for that category. Find yourself a platform to write some of your own stuff, this isn’t how you will necessarily get paid, but it is so important to have evidence of your own work.

Once you have all of this you are in the perfect place to begin putting your work out there, and to begin getting some sweet and tasty Crypto! And trust me you will have made more writing one article than you will collecting from faucets.

Where is FreelanceForCoins in all of this?

FreelanceForCoins is the place where buyers and freelancers using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (or Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero and stablecoins) can find each other. We believe that every freelancer in the future will have had at least one project done for crypto. Every year cryptocurrency adoption grows with no stopping in sight.

However, it's really hard to find freelancers accepting cryptocurrencies. It's a hard task even for us. We plan to take it slowly and attract users and earn their trust over time, adding new features and making this site more and more usable every day.

Join us in this journey

We hope you join us in our journey.

If you want to buy some services - look at the "Offers" and see if you like something. or publish a "Project" if you need something more custom tailored for you.

If you are a freelancer - offer your services in the "Offers" section or see the "Projects" for something you might do.

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Written by   23
2 years ago
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