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This article was stimulated with the aid of using a track at some point by Matisyahu titled “one day"

In the music, he explained how often he stayed out of doors at night time and thank god he his breathing and he prays that God should not take him quickly due to the fact he is aware of he's right here for a reason.

And once in a while in his tears, he drowns however he by no means allow it to get him down so while negativity surrounds him he usually assumed that in the future it'll all flip around due to all of the existence he has been looking forward to, praying for humans to mention we do not need to combat anymore, no more war.

everyone in the world is in the reality looking forward to a day of their existence, a few would possibly know when it would happen while it might occur and ultimately might not enjoy that day, at the same time few might know the day and also will revel in it.

As A Student

As a student, there would be a day you'll begin primary schooling and a day you'll complete it.

There would be a day you may begin secondary schooling, and a day you might complete it.

There might be a day we'll gain admission into the university and there might be a day you will complete your years in university.

all college students plan for all of this, however now, not all would possibly experience all this due to the death of the sponsor, the death of the student (which is probably due to war, accidents, sickness, etc), monetary issues.

As A Friend

We all have stories, love stories, unhappy stories, satisfying stories, all of them began out in a day, and eventually, it'll quit one day. Like those famous quotes

difficult instances do not last forever... however genuine friendship does

Things come and go however friendship last forever

True buddies stay all together and in no way say goodbye

But guess what, these types of friendships will give up at some point perhaps because of death, it may not quit due to the fact you'll nonetheless have reminiscences of pals together.

As A Human Being

There has been a day we had been born and there may be a day we would die.

There was a time we were young and a time we would be adults.

A day we'd turn out to be parents


At some stages, money was a commodity in the earliest duration of human civilization, any commodity that was generally in demand will be chosen by common consent as money. Goods like fur, utensils, weapons

Then sooner or later it developed to metal cash, metals like silver, copper, gold, things that could easily be handled

Then it developed to paper cash which became managed with the aid of using the significant financial institution of the country

And now it's far evolving into cryptocurrency


As for some people there would be a time they would accept Jesus to their lives and for a few, there might be a time we might receive Jesus

For a few people, there was a time they were baptized and for a few people there might be a time they may be baptized

And sooner or later there's a day Jesus would come back. But no one knows.


There is a time of war and also time for peace ✌️

In conclusion,

Basically, there is a starting point for everything and surely it has its ending

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