What happened to the halving?

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#PoweredByMonolith, Bitcoin halved, many people joked, where did the missing bitcoin go? This is a joke ...

But other serious people say that Bitcoin will double in half after halving. I do n’t know why, but it does n’t sound very reasonable ...

After really halving it, it can be said that nothing happened.

After reading this report, I seemed to think that nothing happened. It turned out that it might be the greatest thing ~~~~

Nothing happens in itself is value.

The report says so ...

Many people believe that it is worth celebrating because nothing happened. Viktor Bunin, a consensus protocol researcher of Bison Trails, one of the members of the Libra Association, told the foreign media "Decrypt" that the most exciting thing about the halving event is that nothing happened.

Bitcoin halved without anything, and even the computing power has increased a bit. This means that the community has a strong consensus on Bitcoin's monetary policy, and even the miners have not responded, which means that the system is running steadily. It is this quiet power that makes Bitcoin great.

Sounds like I think it makes sense ...

Let me continue to hold a little bit of bitcoin, but also have a stronger confidence! ^^

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3 years ago

Nicely done. Reply with your simpleledger: address to receive some LITH as bonus. Keep up.

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3 years ago

Bitcoin will surely find its feet on solid ground, any day and anytime. Let's wait and see what will happen in the weeks to come.

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3 years ago

One week has passed is it clear by now?

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3 years ago