NBA Spencer Dean Widi's Extraordinary Fundraising

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Interesting fundraising proposal from Guard Spencer Dean Widi of NBA Brooklyn Nets in the United States

Dean Widi has made his debut in the NBA in 1994 and has moved from Detroit Pistons to the Brooklyn Nets, making him a great player over the years.

After debuting at 4 points with an average score of 94, he scored a double-digit average in 17 and 18, and played an almost full-time battle last season, raising the average score to 20 points.

Then, he registered the following special fundraising on Go Fund, an online fundraising site.

you raise $ 24,632,630 USD in conversion to 2625.8 BTC USD , the target fundraising amount you have suggested, the fans will choose to sign a contract for at least one year.

Funding was registered yesterday and $ 934 USD is currently being raised.

Will this funding succeed?

If Dean Widi is a Michael Jordanian class, he'll still be able to see the possibility, but I wonder if it's worth paying a huge amount of $ 24 million to get him into the team he wants?

I like this part because he says that if he can't reach the target funding, he will donate the entire amount to charity.

Dinwiddie made a token called SD8 for his annual salary last year and sold it as a security token related to his three-year salary and proposed an annual salary token to pay interest to the token holder, so NBA players who are interested in cryptocurrency Is known as

Anyway, this type of cryptocurrency funding is likely to appear frequently in the future.

It's a bit reckless but it seems like an interesting attempt

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