Looking at the bitcoin tteoklam ...

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3 years ago

There was a big adjustment in Bitcoin last night.

We are returning the rebound that shot up yesterday morning and having a lower price range.
Of course, the blacksmith fired the beam, and other coins were quickly caught and dragged down.

Most of the coins could not avoid the rise or fall that had shot a day ago.
Although there was not even a public notice to explain the rapid change in the two days.
However, through this, it seems like a lot of shorts and longs have been settled.
He is a captain and he is bitter as if he still showed the reality of the coin that still plays in the hands of the forces.

Our Steam is also playing 240 won after paying 250 won for a while.
He raised the ticket to 260 won at best, but ...
I hope to regain the previous price range again this week.

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3 years ago