[dCRYPTO] Summary of major events in the Crypto project scheduled for May to June

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Hello, this is Dion. After the third half-life of Bitcoin, the price of Bitcoin has risen, and the price of altcoins has also shown a remarkable rise in line with the so-called event .

Of course , since Bitcoin's volatility is high , you need to be careful when approaching altcoins as a short-term investment, but I think that investing a part in alt that seems likely to be a good investment strategy is a good investment strategy.

Based on the data of ICO Analytics, we will briefly summarize the main events of several altcoins scheduled for May to June .

This posting is not intended to encourage investment. Please use it for simple reference only.

  • KUCOIN will conduct LUKSO pre-sale for token holders who have more than 100 KCS from April 20 to May 20.

  • The price of KCS is also increasing as IEO took the launch pad model of Binance from Cucoin.

  • In addition, the price flow of the projects that recently conducted IEO at Cucoin was good, so if you have KCS, you may want to consider participating.

#2. ONE Open Staking

  • Code Freeze has been completed on the Harmony mainnet and now the ONE token staking will start after the mainnet staking upgrade .

  • Although the price seems to have been shelved to some extent, thanks to this, the interest is increasing mainly due to the overseas community .

#3. Kyber Network Crystal

  • Katalyst update will be conducted to induce participation of KNC token holders and adjust ecosystem incentives in Kyber Network .

  • KNC token holders will receive a network fee fee as a reward by voting on KyberDAO after staking .

  • As the utility of tokens has increased, the price of KNC tokens has recovered a lot, and it is a project that needs to be watched with interest in the upcoming 2020 as well as the delegated staking event in the second quarter.

#4. KEEP StakeDrop

  • StakeDrop starts on June 9th on the KEEP Network.

  • StakeDrop is an event that can receive KEEP tokens by staking ETH, and it seems to have the effect of locking up ETH as well as KEEP.

# 5. SKALE mainnet + token auction

  • SKALE Network is a chain designed to create workflows for users and developers by significantly improving speed and lowering costs while improving the user experience of DApps.

  • With full compatibility with EVM, DApp developers can easily integrate existing Ethereum smart contracts with SKALE.

  • Many D-Apps, including games on the Loom network, are running smart contracts on SKALE's sidechain testnet.

  • The exact schedule has not been released yet, but it is expected that a token auction will be held at the time of the mainnet launch .

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Thanks for the update. A well deserved like, crypto is here to stay and we should all know free financial education with the world.

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Thank you, I appreciate your good comments.

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This information is very useful for investment guide when combined with other due diligence. Thank you for sharing it.

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if we apply the methods well everything turns out better

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