[Cryptocurrency News] Entry of institutional investors and the African continent

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The CEO of the P2P exchange, Parkspool, predicted that Africa will become the leading cryptocurrency continent in the next five years.

In Africa, Bitcoin's trading volume has been increasing recently, and it is said that the recent corona incident has caused an explosion in interest in Bitcoin.

Google's Bitcoin search volume, as well as the Foxpool trading volume on the African continent, has peaked in the last year's search volume.

In addition, the good prospect of Bitcoin's half-life is the recent entry of institutional investors.

GBTC, a closed bitcoin fund aimed at institutional investors, has grown steadily in the last few months and has bundled 350,000 BTC, which is 2% of the current BTC in circulation. Is said to be tied

When coin investment was first started, it was dominant that the second pumping period excluding initial pumping would occur after institutional investors were fully bought.

Bitcoin, which has gone through the stages of the first pumping and reconciliation, has entered into the buying phase of institutional investors, so it makes a personal judgment that the buying phase will end in the next few years.

The interest in Bitcoin in Africa, the land of opportunity, is also expected to rise in the near future as the price rises.

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This is a good development for cryptocurrency popularity and adoption in Africa. I hope to see more of this as soon as possible.

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3 years ago

I havnt though that africa could be so much advance in crytocurrency. Ita realy nive to see such contry miving towars cryptocurrency

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3 years ago