21st century and the regression of human beings 

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3 years ago

When we think (or at least glimpse) what the evolution of species would be, it is normal to imagine a world inhabited by evolved beings and living in a place full of news. In general, when we compare what we are today with what we were in the past, it is undeniable to say that we have not evolved. This is also the kind of thinking that applies to the world, too, after all ... All the modernities that are and are part of our lives made it more current and high-tech.

Each generation grew with their individual perspectives on what and what the future would be like. With science as the primary path to watch, the direct influence of movies (in this case, science fiction), music, books, paintings, photographs, and many other examples related to futuristic events has always had, has, and will continue. to play a very relevant role in our eyes when we try to "unravel" what is to come.

Today, after ups and downs, we are in the 21st century. We are currently facing a global pandemic (due to the new Coronavirus - Covid-19 ) that brings us to our knees and shows that many aspects are not yet as evolved as they should be. For example: while a few decades ago we dreamed of flying cars ... Today, the world has to (re) learn to wash its hands properly to avoid becoming infected with the virus!

Following simple safety protocols, such as wearing protective masks or moving away from people (to practice social isolation), has also been shown to be somewhat difficult to practice. In several countries, it is possible to see that the population is resistant to these security measures and acts as if the virus does not exist. Considering that the evidence about the virus is more than obvious, this seems to me at least stupid and shows the regression of human beings.

There is a whole context behind the idea that human beings were not created to live in isolation (we need contact and social interaction). However, in exceptional situations like this ... How can people refuse to comply with the security measures recommended by health professionals around the world to protect their own health? In my opinion, this is another example of how many of us are not yet as evolved as we should be.

What will come next, nobody can predict ... But if humanity continues to have this type of resistant behavior and acts in such an inconsequential way (both individually and collectively), I think the least that can be said is that we - human beings - We will walk even further (and with stronger steps) in the middle of the regression path.

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3 years ago