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Online shopping for Filipinos

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1 month ago

I know that there are a lot of filipinos who are using and we all know that during this pandemic online shopping became a big hit.

Most filipinos are using either Shoppee or Lazada. but which of the 2 do you think is better?

Based from what i experienced from ising these 2 different online shopping apps i would say that i trust shoppee more than lazada.

no. 1 reason o trust shoppee is that you can always check the item you order before you lay for it when its cash on delivery unlike lazada. this way you can check if your item is right, most especially for thise who are ordering electronics like phones etc. thats one reason why i like shoppee.

no.2 there are times where the delivery guys are not properly handling the packages ive experienced it on lazada where i ordered something fragile and when it came to me, guess what, i can even use it cause its already broken. i dont know if the delivery guy is the problem or the sorting station. not only that its harder to return the product on lazada than with shoppee.

no.3 lazada does have freat products from there lazmall, but thats it. that you night be able to trust in lazada since those items are kinda legit. but when buying electronics such as phones like the Legion phone from lenovo(i think) im much more sure that shoppee would be better.

all in all both has there flaws but based from my experience from using the two i trust shoppee.

Ps. when ordering thungs online make sire to read everything first before ordering for it. you may never know what you order. ive seen a lot of people thinking that theyve order a watch for about 100 pesos(around $2) and when it arrived what they got was only the box.

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I have tried ordering from both online shopping app. So far, I don't have problems with Lazada. On the other hand, I ordered something from shopee. I ordered 2 same items and it arrived in 1 package but only one box has the item. The other box is empty. We complained but we never got a refund. So unfortunate. But Im still using shoppee but oftentimes, I prefer to order in Lazmall coz its legit.

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1 month ago