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1 year ago

Provincial Governors earns monthly salary of ₱196,206.00 more or less from the government.

Cagayan Governor wants to implement 30days or 1month MECQ lockdown for Tuguegarao City, while the residents suffer from the effects of the COVID19 pandemic and recent severe floodings that doubled the agony of the Tuguegaraoeños.

Most of the locals lost their jobs, some are forced to 3day shifting works and many local businesses are in near bankruptcy. Daily wage earners lost significant amount of money to pay their dues in electricity, water and house rentals.

Be informed that the Governor and his Chief of Staff, grand clan members and relatives who works in Capitol earns from Tuguegaraoeños and Cagayano tax payers.

Challenge to the Governor if he can waive and donate his whole SALARY for a year or two to his constituents in Tuguegarao City like how the good Vice Mayor of Allacapan bless her people during the pandemic.

The Governor earns more than 1 Million salary every year. Can he donate all to his suffering constituents?

Can the poor eat and live well during the proposed 30days or 1 Month MECQ? Are you in favor of the proposal of the Governor?

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