Green Apple Yoghurt Flavored Milk Drink of Pran Company

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2 years ago

Mr. Milk

pran Company is Very Famous in our Country. In this Company have several products. in the all products Green apple yoghurt flavored milk drink It's best for all peoples and Children. 10,000 Worker working in this company.

Inside of Company, this place for working

It's so neat and clean, so every worker like this place. Everyone looking beautiful it. and in this place have one Leader and three helpful man of leader. also working so many worker.

it's Making several products for supply. its good side for making product.

there are several good side, such as:

1. this room are Looking amazing.

2. this product are famous in our country.'s for sell in others country in the world. 4. this place are easy for working. also more good

also there are several bad side, such as:

  1. there are Sometimes are mistake a few product.

  2. also many times is wrong on the product box. but off day, every worker it's try to right

  3. it's very hot place, it's problem because of machine.

  4. a few time are machine problem also a few problem

this company place are Olipur, Hobigonz, Sylhet of Bangladesh.

everyone, if you want to work in this place, you can to try there for job.

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2 years ago


Thanks for sharing about Green Apple Yoghurt Flavored Milk Drink of Pran Company

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2 years ago

You are Most Welcome, If You like it and If You want to job this Company. You Can to Join. It's have In Bangladesh others District. I Think, Pran Company is best Company in Bangladesh and Everybody like this pran Company food. Thank You bro for your opinion. Stay good and Stay with me.

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2 years ago