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Why is working from home not good

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7 months ago

Working from home in this time is being implemented due to the Pandemic, people are adapting to the new normal because it is the safest way to work in this tragic time.

Working from home makes most of our lives easier. No need to dress up, no need to deal with traffic, no need to spend for necessary expenses in working in the office, and no need to leave home.

  • But despite of all the benefits, why is it working from home has a negative impact to all of us? Why is it not good and why is it that working onsite with the bosses and co - employees are better than working from home?

  • As a person, it is important for us to grow our skills and knowledge in order to get better every single day. But due to this work from home set up, somehow it can affect people's way of dealing with other, in simple words our interpersonal skills will be compromised. In the office we can build relationship towards our Co - leagues that is very important in our day to day life also not just in work, but in the setting of work from home, there are no co - leagues to deal with, so being flexible in an environment is not applied.

It can also affect our professionalism skills, because instead of being in the office acting professionally, it is not possible in working from home.

It can also affect people's integrity, because instead of giving there everything in work with all the house rules at the office, at home there are a lot of ways that people can cheat, so that way not only we are becoming a cheater, but the competitiveness also is being compromised that is very important tool for us to sustain in the long run.

People tend to become so lazy, because instead of having time management as a great tool for us to be successful, working from home can compromised that, and whenever all will be good again and back to normal work setting, these people will struggle.

Some additional things that is a disadvantage of working from home:

  • Most work nowadays through online has no employment contract, therefore, employers can easily fire a person whenever they want to. Employees have no assurance in the sustainability of the work. We all know that employees are the ones that keep the business going, because if they feel they are important they will do their work efficiently and effectively.

  • In working from home there are many factors that could be a barrier to your work, and one of these factors is if the internet connection will be lost, there will be no work, and mostly clients are strict and will not accept such reasons, so tendency is its either no pay or get fired; another one is when there is a power interruption, no power no work from home equipment can be used, therefore, no pay or get fired; if there is a fortuitous event like flood or something that can destroy work from home equipment, same thing will happen; and etc.

  • In working from home, not all the people will have the opportunity to work, because not all has resources to provide for work from home. For example, not all the people can afford computers or Wi-Fi's or laptops that can be used in working from home. So it would only be opened to those who can provide, but what about those who cannot?

  • Working from home can make people lazy and dependent . Punctuality will be compromised, working seriously can also be compromised in a way that people will not give their maximum capacity in work because no one is watching them and no they can sugar-coat everything to their employers.

  • Sometimes nature cannot be controlled, that is why, when working from home, sometimes, workers cannot concentrate because of the noise around and in the presence of children, a worker cannot concentrate it his/her work.

Even though working from home has all of its disadvantages, let us all not forget that many people also find comfort in it. It can save alot for people because many expenses are being avoided because of this, one of these expenses is transportation expense. But let us all remember that in our lives, we must all grow as an individual, we must have an experience to be good in some things, because I believe that experience is the greatest life lesson, without us experiencing all of these things can lead to ignorance and lack of knowledge, so we must strive hard to grab the opportunities that will make us grow and experience great and normal things.

We must not forget that our decisions in life will make our future. It's up to us.

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Written by   2
7 months ago
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