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My recipe for ripe banana patacón

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8 months ago

Hello everyone, today I want to share with you a pretty good recipe and perhaps strange for some, since I bring you the Patacón, but with ripe banana, my favorite, why do I say it is strange? Normally, people usually ask for it with green plantains, but if you go to Maracaibo and come to a restaurant to order patacón, they will ask you this question: How do you want it with ripe plantains or with green plantains?

So there is the answer for those who did not imagine that the ripe plantain patacón does exist and is still patacón and you may not believe it, but it is very delicious for me, the ripe plantain is better, it is the best of the best .

But I want to start this recipe by wishing you all a happy Sunday, those who read me and tell you to make Patacones! This is the glory, I had been wanting to do them for days and finally I was given the opportunity.


• Ripe banana
• Oil
• Shredded meat
• Ham
• Cheese
• Avocado
• Lettuce
• Tomato
• Fried egg
• Tomato sauce
• Mayonnaise
• Onion, chives and sweet pepper
• Curry
• Salt
• Color


The main filling ingredient is meat, so we must start by cooking it with water and salt for at least half an hour, it depends on the type of meat if it is hard, you can leave it longer until it softens.

Once the meat is cooked, we proceed to shred and chop the onion, chives and sweet pepper that we will use to season.

Once the dressings are chopped, we will use the water where the meat was cooked (this is the secret touch so that it has a good flavor), we put this water to cook over low heat together with the dressings, curry, color and salt (these 3 last to taste), when it boils we add our shredded meat and let it cook until it absorbs the water and our delicious meat looks like this.

We proceed to put all the remaining ingredients on the table, in this case, bananas, lettuce, tomato, ham, cheese and avocado. The cheese of your preference, I used yellow cheese and you must wash the lettuce and tomato very well with vinegar.

Once the lettuce and tomato are washed with vinegar, we must chop the tomato into thin slices, the cheese we grate it to make it look more delicious.

Now we start with the fundamental ingredient, the ripe banana. Which we must peel and fry over low heat so that it does not burn, it must be fried on both sides, that is to say, turn it over and over.

Then, that we remove the banana from the oil, we must chop it in half, as I will show you below:

When removing it from the oil, we must use a plastic bag where we will put the patacón that we remove from the oil and crush it with the help of a board, it is necessary to apply a little oil to the bag so that our patacón does not stick and thus proceed to fry by last time.

Now we must put it to fry again, because it is necessary that the patacón is not raw, since it is unpleasant, so the process of frying several times, in my case 3.

Step 1: A slice of ripe banana well crushed and fried goes first on our plate, we will apply a little tomato sauce and mayonnaise.

Add the lettuce, tomato and avocado.

Step 3: We add our shredded meat, then the ham, cheese and a fried egg. (This last optional I add it because a patacón has everything HAHAHA).

Step 4: Add tomato sauce and mayonnaise to finally close our patacón with the other slice of ripe banana, well crushed and fried.

Thank you and I hope you liked this post, see you in a next post, this is one of my favorite recipes since I don't know if I had told you before but I grew up in Maracaibo, this dish is typical there, so a good maracucho He must know how to do it, at least in his own way, as is my house. A kiss and hug for all.

All photos were taken with a Samsung A21s

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8 months ago
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