Why human scared!!!!

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Fear is the feeling of discomfort caused by thinking too much in advance about the fear of any evil or danger or the feeling of pain. That is, fear is the body's own physical and psychological response to future dangers in the body's external or internal environment. In a word, fear is a special mental state of the subconscious level of the mind. It is difficult to find people who are not familiar with this feeling called fear. There is this feeling of fear in the hearts of human beings and all living beings in the entire universe.

This is the fear comes from mainly childhood. It have other known as the further scared. From the time a child is about 6-7 months old, he or she shows signs of fear. A normally developing child does not want to let his mother or relatives go behind his eyes at this time, cries and expresses annoyance when he does not see them and starts looking for the mother or her relatives. This is how we first get acquainted with the feeling of fear. In an unknown situation or when our sense of security is threatened - when such a thing comes to our mind; Then some changes take place in our body and mind. In the course of evolution, a certain series of physical and mental changes has taken place. It is through these changes that people become aware of the situation and can adopt different strategies for their own safety.

The changes that take place in the body due to fear can be divided into two parts, namely, physical and mental. Physical changes include headaches, lightheadedness, blurred vision, neck pain, dry or thirsty face, shivering, numbness of hands and feet, palpitations, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, Urinary retention, thin stools, abdominal pain, abdominal discomfort, sleep disturbances, etc. And the mental changes include distraction, indecision, fear of uncertainty, fear of death, memory loss, feeling unnecessarily annoyed, excessive sensitivity to words, instability and so on.

These changes are observed in our body through sympathetic autoimmune nervous system, hormones, various biochemical compounds. The adrenaline glands secrete certain hormones, such as endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin, which are secreted from the brain, and the adrenaline and norepinephrine, which are secreted by the autonomic nervous system. Flight response is the tendency to run away from the subject of fear and fight response is the tendency to try to defeat him by dealing with the frightening harmful subject or object. These two types of responses, which arise from the feeling of fear, are essential for us to achieve effective and correct coordination.

when this feeling of fear becomes excessive and uncontrollable, the matter is no longer normal. When the fear of the subconscious mind exceeds certain boundaries, abnormal fears or phobias arise. It creates a kind of anxiety and gradually makes the affected person mentally ill. A small amount of fear keeps us aware of the situation around us and increases our effectiveness, for example, if a student is unconcerned about the exam to be held the next day, then he will not take the necessary preparation for the exam. That's when the problem arises; When an unreasonable fear response occurs or an excessive response occurs or two things happen at the same time.

Phobias can be of two types, such as social phobia and special phobia. Social phobia is the feeling of being unsuitable for socializing. It always seems like such an infected person, lest people think of something. It just seems as if everyone is paying close attention to his behavior or thinking something bad about him. As a result, the person becomes more aware while talking, feels nervous in discomfort and feels ashamed. All this creates panic in the mind. And special phobia is unnecessarily excessive fear of a particular situation or a certain thing. There are usually five types of special phobias. Such as fear of animals such as snakes, dogs, spiders, etc .; Fear of places such as high places, water, darkness, etc .; Fear of congestion such as elevators, tunnels, etc .; Fear of bleeding, injury, other medical procedures and death by suffocation.

Let's discuss some of these strange things or objects of excessive fear, such as- 1. Telephone phobia - fear of holding the phone or talking.

2. Tetraphobia - Fear of the number

3. Thanatophobia - Fear of death

4. Tokophobia - Fear of childbirth

5. Traumatophobia - Fear of injury

6. Workplace phobia - fear of the workplace

7. Triskidecaphobia - Fear of the number 13

8. Trypanophobia - fear of needles or injections

9. Xenophobia - Fear of something foreign or unfamiliar.

10. Hilophobia or xylophobia - fear of trees or forests

11. Glossophobia - Fear of speaking in public

12. Bacteriophobia or microphobia - fear of microorganisms and bacteria

13. Sybophobia or cytophobia - annoyance or fear of food

14. Claustrophobia - Fear of confinement, where there is a possibility of escape or confinement

15. Dysidophobia - Fear of decision making

16. Dentalphobia or odontophobia or dentophobia - fear of dentists or dental matters

17. Dysposophobia - Fear of losing or being free.

18. Dysmorphobia - Fear of real or imagined body problems

19. Gelatophobia - Fear of joking or laughing at yourself

20. Gymnophobia - Fear of nudity

21. Heliophobia - fear of the sun or sunlight

22. Ablutophobia - fear of bathing, washing, wiping or cleaning

23. Acousticophobia - word fear

24. Acrophobia or altophobia - fear of heights

25. Egoraphobia - Fear of open space

26. Algophobia - fear of pain

27. Azirophobia - Fear of crossing the road 26. Androphobia - fear of people

28. Anthropophobia - Fear of being a human companion

29. Anthophobia - Fear of flowers

30. Aquaphobia - Fear of water or watery substances, chemicals, etc.

31. Eraconophobia - fear of spiders

32. Astrophobia - Fear of lightning or lightning

33. Atychophobia - Fear of failure

34. Aviophobia or aviatophobia - fear of flight

35. Autophobia - Fear of loneliness 36. Ichmophobia - Fear of sharp objects. Agraphobia - Fear of sexual harassment

36. Imetophobia - Fear of vomiting

37. Ergophobia - Fear of work, such as fear of surgery by a physician surgeon

38. Erotophobia - Fear of questions about love.

Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy etc. can be resorted to to get rid of such various phobias. In severe cases, it may be necessary to take different types of medicines as advised by the doctor.

Thats all of the scared case.

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There is a human being in the human mind that makes people feel like they have a lot of fear in their minds. There are many reasons for fear in people's minds. Don't think that anyone is afraid.

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Very meaningful articlr everybody should read this article and also need to use this method

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Human Scared are most important for all human, without human of Every human life Impossible

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