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Ethics is determining what is wrong and what is right behaviour it is deeply involved with behaviour in society.

The word ethics is derived from greek word "ethos" which means way of living. It is branch of philosophy.

Ethics are importance :

Ethics are related to human conduct in society ethics are much important because they determine the upbringing of a person. Ethics revolve around moral values tradition norms culture etc ethics provides us moral.cpde for living in society. It determines our lifestyle.

Student life with ethics:

Ethics are important in students life because the student which has proper ethics and know how to live in society and know what is wrong or bad then he could learn maximum things and gain much knowledge because he will respect his teacher talk politely with class fellows and school mates and will hold a good position and will make his parents proud. Everyone will say that you deserve this because his manner will show his knowledge.

If a person has first position in his class but he do not has learned basic manner to treat other people then he has just wasted his time by going to school.

Duty of parents:

The first lesson which a baby learns from is his home so it become parents responsibility to teach their child so that their children could differentiate between wrong and right. When children joins school then it becomes teacher's responsibility to teach all the basic moral codes to their students. At school and college students spend their most of time even of we talk about our whole life almost half of life we spend in learning new things and getting knowledge but at end we fail to learn ethics then there is no importance of learning for so many years

How to practice :

In daily life we got so many chances to practice ethics like we can adopt honesty and we should not tell a lie. We should not invade anyone's privacy because if we do so that other people may get offend so it is better to have space so that other people will feel comfortable with you.

We should be protective about the property of other people and should not invade others property because that is owned by others and we dont own that property.

Respect is crucial element in ethics. It is one which determine how long our relationships withstand. If we do not give respect to other people then our relationships will end before time. Whenever you want that your relations stay for a long time and other participant remain attached with you all the time you should respect him/her. Parents are elder to us and it is not the basic reason to give them respect actually we love them and they love us in the same way so we should respect them with core of my heart. They deserve all our love and respect because our parents are so sincere so us they always try to fullfil our wishes. Our father struggle outside the home by doing job and mothers are serving at home. We should make them feel proud. When we do something big then they will proud and feel happy with our success.

We should also give respect to children because they learn by their elder people and then they will practice all things which they observe in their society.

Importance in society :

Ethics are so much important in society because when every one treat other in nice way that society will become heaven and it will improve the standard of society everyone will live happily in society having no blames and grudges in mind.

Give me your feedback in comment section i am waiting for your response and i will see any story regarding respect and ethics and will try to motivate all of you if you have any story so please elaborate that in comment section. Thanks for learning

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Ethics are of much importance to live in society these are standard of any society

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