Bitcoin reaches $24000

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Now Bitcoin has reaches its highest amount as compared to the previous couple of weeks. It is looking like a surprise because in this month it has touched 24000 dollars.

The trading of cryptocurrency has higher in past 7 and 8 days. Analyst I tried you the recent games to speculation that the Federal reserve won't be aggressive in tight check in balance as it was followed in previous weeks.

Highest price till now:

In the history of Bitcoin it has touched 69000 in 2021 after it crypto currency market was just falling and it is facing trouble. It was the time when the whole world was suffering with covid pandemic but at the same time Bitcoin was rising and people were investing in Bitcoin they are getting more information about cryptocurrency and online markets also about online shopping these were the usual trend in covid-19 pandemic.

The number of active wallets'

The number of active wallets are increasing this year in June there were 32 million active users and now in may the graph has increased and the active users are 37 million.

Why price is increasing !

People are curious that why the prices of bitcoin are increasing noe it is due to broke of resistance level . Inflation which is rising day by day widely is also a factor which has raised the price of bitcoin.

Bitcoin cash:

This time everything is looking on Bitcoin cash. From 13 of this month the Bitcoincash is under steady change . Even we have observe the price of Bitcoin was falling but the price of Bitcoin cash was increasing.

On 13th of this month the price of bitcoin cash was below $100 and it was looking that it wil go further down but suddenly it increased so much for which no one was believing. No one has observed abrupt change in any crypto currency token so bitcoin cash is the first among all of them.

Raises ⁉️ questions;

Although Bitcoin cash is increasing but it has not reached it's highest level which was 435 in this year but in penic it also attached it's highest amount which was insane and if we compare the recent price of Bitcoin cash to the highest price of this year then we got to know that Bitcoin cash has to work hard to reach that level. Regardless all these things Bitcoin cash has left so many questions in the mind of investors and other people they are getting curious whether they have to invest in Bitcoin cash or not. Because in Bitcoin cash most of the investor do not seek any future they prefer other coins over Bitcoin cash and it is true Bitcoin is the master coin and everything is it determined by Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash is cryptocurrency token.

If we see the current trading volume for bitcoin cash that is also increasing surprisingly as compare to previous times. It's current trading volume is over 530 million dollars in last 24 hours which is highest and one cannot believe that Bitcoin cash has reached this level.

But it is very difficult to predict that one should try his locker in Bitcoin cash or not because inflation is a skill very high and the whole crypto market is a struggling with all this condition. I think one should see toward the trend of Bitcoin ethereum because those are the major coin in all cryptocurrency market. And sadly the performance of Bitcoin and ethereum is mostly poor in recent weeks There is no serious indication that the market is truly turning around for any length of time.

With the Bitcoin cash it become very risky to trade because when a person by Bitcoin cash he became very quick to sell the Bitcoin cash because there is no proper prediction. Means the people who have brought Bitcoin cash earlier in this month are seeing profit this time and most probably they will sell their Bitcoin cash right now because they are not seeing long term profit in this crypto token.

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Yes now Bitcoin is bumping up and it is good news for investors and traders ! Ten up

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