A Nightmare!

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This dream is from last night 🌉. I fell asleep early last night because I had to get early in the morning. I fell a sleep. I have a dream that I am sitting with my . It was winter so we are taking tea after taking tea my friends says why don't not we play Truth or Dare game.All my friends agreed. Before the game 🎮 starts, they will be told the rule of the that we will rotate the bottle and whichever side the front side of the bottle is one will have to choose Truth or Dare. The bottle was turned and the front side of the bottle was towards Sadia. She choose truth. Sadia was asked if you are afraid of darkness? Sadia replied: yes I am afraid of darkness. I used to lie that I am not afraid of darkness but today I had to tell the truth. The bottle was turned again and this time the front side of the bottle was towards me. I choose dare. They told me that there is mansion nearby. All you have to do is go to this mansion and take a picture of yourself. I said what is difficult about it? They said that the mansion has been closed for 10 years. It is said that ghosts live in this mansion. I said i do not 🚫 believe in all these things. Ayesha said: i will go with you but i told her you can't go with me, because the dare is mine. So, i will do it.

I entered the mention with great confidence. When i tried to open the door it opened automatically . I was scared for a moment but i thought i was feeling this way after listening to them all and then I started moving forward . I was surprised to see a candle burning in front of me. I thought this mansion has been closed for ten years then who lit this candle?

I stopped under a tree I saw a roop hanging from that tree which was lying on a small table just below it . I thought i should take a picture now i took out my mobile and turned on the camera. I took the picture . At that moment, i felt as if someone had placed a hand on my shoulder. I ignored it.

Seeing the picture , the ground slipped under my feet. I saw a woman hanging by this rope, she was standing on the table and she was putting her hand on my shoulder.

I was scared and i looked behind and saw that the woman was still looking at me. Suddenly the woman grabbed my throat and squeezed hard, i was in a lot of pain. I barely got my throat out of thus woman's hand, suddenly that woman will disappear. The woman was standing in front of me as I turned to run back from the mansion. That women was making very strange noises which made my fear grow .

This woman had a knife 🗡️🔪 in her hand and she was moving fast towards me. It looked like that she wanted to kill me. She was about to stab me when I grabbed her hand and snatched the knife . I immediately saw a room in the distance. I immediately went to this room and i locked 🔐 the door of this room from the inside.

After a while, someone started knocking loudly on the door 🚪. I was really scared. After a while,the knock on the door stopped. I opened the door in amazement and looked around. I did not see that woman anywhere. I thought I should get out of the mansion. I ran to get out of the mansion and as soon as I reached the door someone pushed me and I fell down. I was badly injured. I screamed and my eyes 👀 opened.

I was thankful that it was just a dream. But I was still scared 😨😳, And then after a while , I recited {AYAT_UL_KURSI} and fell asleep again.

When I woke up in the morning 🌄, I told my mother this whole dream. Then my mother explained to me that my daughter, because you watch fear file on T.V 📺 and see fake witch, it is of this that you have nightmares. Then I promised mom that I would never see fear file , fake spirit and witch on T.V , And then I've never had such a Nightmare since.

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It is really a scary story o my God !! You done really a great job in presenting your emotions

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