Investing as a Teen and what I learned

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2 years ago

Hi, my name is Fishy and I'm a young Crypto enthusiast who is trying to break into the market. Although I have recently been successful in the Crypto market I wasn't so successful in the Stock Market.

I started with an initial investment of £50 into the market with little experience but the hope to double that into £100. At the time I didn't understand how margin worked and how I was 'dancing with the devil'. Although I was so un-educated I still managed to make £20 in two weeks. For a fifteen-year-old, at the time this was mad to me and I felt like a millionaire. It was then on one fateful weekend that I invested all of my money into oil and it almost instantly crashed. I lost all of my money in a few hours!

So what did I learn from this whole ordeal? Spend the rest of your money on Crypto and pray to the Gods!

Thanks for Reading

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