I'm so lonely without you

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2 years ago
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It's late at night again, are you listening to this song too?

  A cherish, a goodbye, you just left me like this.

  do you know? How I hope you can come back soon and come back to me. Without you, I like the night more and more, because the night gives me space to miss you. Here, I can let my love for you overflow wantonly. Do you know that the black sky is full of my thoughts of you. The days without you are getting more and more lonely, it's all because of missing you!

  Quiet night, who will accompany me? My long miss, who can comfort me? At midnight, let the gorgeous singing sound. Just confide my affection for you by singing! Do you know that deep-seated thoughts have flooded in my heart.

  Independent Acacia River, I have been weathered into a reef by time. Because, I can only pull the sadness and longing for you that years have given me when I look at you.

  I really don't know how to say it, and I cherish it, so I am so attached to you. I really don't understand, a goodbye makes me so sad. You always appear to be dumbfounded. You won't know that the melancholy in your eyes, the low sigh that you turned and left, completely shattered my pride. At this moment, how much I miss you!

  Listen, the singing rang again. You are not by my side, in the quiet night, who will accompany me? My long miss, who can comfort me? Did you know that every note in the song is my sincere confession to you. Tonight, why am I so worried about you? Tonight, how does this longing perform a hearty confession?

  Long lonely night, who will accompany you. Are you sad like me?

  Come back, honey. Listen, there is gurgling water and gentle breeze in the singing, that is the low whisper of you and me, that is the sweet love words of you and me.

  Today I finally understand. You are my sweet sadness and my happy dream. I am so lonely without you.

  You said, tears, how can you bear long thoughts. You said, how can tears pour out the sadness in your heart?

  Simple words are so pale and weak, how can I express my long feelings. That simple line of poetry, how to describe my crazy obsession with you.

  Do you believe in the spirit of the heart? In the long lonely night, can you feel that my endless thoughts have wetted your gorgeous poetry?

  Do you believe in induction? Quiet midnight, do you fall in love like me, flooding into the smoke rising from your fingertips?

  Who said that thinking is also a kind of happiness. Midnight love is strong, I read you happily in the melody of the song, and listen to your heart words happily.

  Thinking of you, I fell in love with music. Because every note in it has your shadow.

  Thinking of you, I fell in love with poetry. From every line of poem, I look for traces of your walk.

  Thinking of you, I fell in love with loneliness. Embracing his arms, wandering in the long lonely night. Every time I sigh, every sound has your shadow.

  I still don't understand how my deep affection can be caught by you so easily, moreover, one catch is a lifetime.

  I still don't understand how my love can be touched by you so easily, and it will be thousands of miles away with one touch.

  Are you still wandering around at midnight? Are you just like me, depicting the most gorgeous thoughts with simple sadness? Finally know, my dear, I am so lonely without you.

  Don't laugh at me. My dear, I just miss you! Come back quickly, without you, who will be with me in the long quiet night?

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2 years ago
Topics: Words, Short Story