A million steps of love

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  • He is an ordinary worker in the incinerator of Taiwan's Environmental Protection Agency. More than 20 years ago, he loved to travel and used his vacation to walk through Taiwan. At that time, he was still young, single and unmarried youth full of fantasy. Later, through the introduction of relatives and friends, he met his beautiful wife. Before I met, my wife had read the report about his hiking trip and told her directly that he was a crazy young man. Through contact, his wife feels shy that he is actually more like an artist who dreams of hiking.

  • A million steps of love Before getting married, he and her had agreed to take her on a trip around the island, but the busy life has always delayed this plan without restriction. In this regard, she has never complained. Life after marriage is sweet, but also bitter. Especially after giving birth to a son and a daughter, the pressure of life became heavier and heavier. He had to give up his favorite travel and devote all his time to work. He thought that when he made enough money, he could take her to complete his dream of traveling around the island. Unexpectedly, after ten years of marriage and life slowly improved, she fell ill.

  • I don’t know when, when she walks, she always falls down suddenly. Yika thought it was anemia. Unexpectedly, her condition got worse and worse. In addition, her father and brother had the same symptoms, and he realized that she was suffering from family inheritance. Disease-cerebellar atrophy. In the next few years, he took out the savings he had accumulated for many years and took her around for treatment, but the doctor finally told him that her condition could only be spent waiting in the hospital. When the brain atrophy became smaller and smaller, maybe someday She let go.

  • He couldn't accept this cruel reality. Looking at his wife who was lying on the hospital bed getting weaker day by day, he suddenly remembered his promise to his wife, the dream of taking her around the island. He thought that instead of lying in the hospital waiting for death, it is better to take advantage of the limited time to fulfill his unrealistic wish for his wife.

  • On June 17, 2007, he pushed his seriously ill wife in a wheelchair and started hiking around the island. He was thin and only packed simple luggage and food, and set off from Taoyuan to the south. Because he still has to work, he must first do 9 days of work, and then rest for three consecutive days. During these three days, he pushed his wife forward step by step. Three days later, he marked the place where he stayed, and then went to work in the car. Once the work was over, he took his wife to the place where he stayed before and continued on foot. Whenever they arrive at a scenic spot, they will stop to see the scenery. Along the way, he took a lot of photos for his wife, and each step left their common memories. In the sun, he would wear a hat to shade his wife; when it rained, he would install an umbrella by the wheelchair to protect her from the rain. In this way, walking from the moonlight to the dawn, from the heavy rain to the sun shining, they listened to the tide to watch the sunset, he almost forgot the fatigue, and she seemed to have the pain disappeared in her body, seeing her all the time When yearning for the sea, she has a happy smile on her mouth.

  • Traveling is undoubtedly hard, but also happy. Along the way, they encountered too many enthusiastic people who extended a friendly hand to them. Everywhere, when people heard their touching stories, they scrambled to help. Someone sees him tired and wants to use the car for a ride, but he always smiles to express his feelings and then politely refuses. He said, I am not tired, I will push her with my own hands to complete the journey step by step. Sometimes, afraid of her sitting for too long, he would switch back. Really tired, he found a place to rest by the way, and then helped her massage her limbs. Sometimes, there were emergency situations. When she walked to Taitung, she was suddenly critically ill and was sent to the intensive care unit. He was anxious, but he encouraged her over and over again. With tenacious perseverance, she finally managed to survive. It lasted a year, except for his working time to go back and forth. They spent 84 days walking through 23 coastal cities. On May 23, 2008, they finally completed the feat of rounding the island. The flowers and trees along the road, and the sunrise and sunset every day, witnessed their miracle of love step by step.

  • After returning home, after recuperating, her condition has stabilized a lot. He felt that this was a gift from heaven to pray along the way. He was planning the second round of the island route, but what he didn't expect was that on September 20, 2009, she left him unbearably entangled with illness. Before passing away, she once said to him in tears, thank you for accompany me on the final journey. According to her last will, there was no farewell ceremony, and the ashes were scattered into the sea. He said that although it was a pity that she couldn't live together, but to see the most beautiful scenery with her was also the most beautiful farewell style.

  • His name is Huang Zhiyong and his wife is Cai Xiuming. This ordinary couple uses millions of steps of love to measure the most extraordinary true feelings. Through media reports, their stories moved countless people. In 2010, based on them as the prototype, the movie with Huang Pinyuan, known as the "Prince of Love Songs" as the actor, started shooting.

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