The prolonged crypto bear market ruined my Christmas plan

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11 months ago

The first thing I want to say is merry Christmas to you all wherever you may be around the globe. Today is the 25th, of December, and a Christmas day celebration. Most of you must have already finished with the Christmas day celebration due to time differences. I personally am almost halfway through.

I must admit that the condition we are in through this year's Christmas celebration isn't what I planned. It is a pity, to say the least, that I will not be able to take the kids out to a beach party, I would have loved to hear their laughter and see the beautiful smiles on their faces on this Christmas. I was looking forward to a repeat of our last year's Christmas events, but the bear market really ruined all that.

So sad for the kids whose dreams of visiting the beach again this Christmas have been dashed. Last year, we had a perfect Christmas celebration with everything that we needed, from the traveling expenses to the hotels and the rest. Thanks to the bullish crypto market back then, there were more than enough funds to cover our expenses.

As a crypto enthusiast and investor, almost 85% of my income comes from my investment portfolio. Without that money, I can't survive and make the money that I need for myself and my family. So, it was only fair for me to provide as much Christmas money to my kids as I can, which has been enough to cover the expenses of a trip to the beach every year.

Now, things are really different, as you must already be aware of. My income is down to a third of what it used to be. There are investments I don't even get anything from it anymore. In fact, nearly 95% of my crypto investments have turned to dust, with most of the project folding and closing shop.

It has been a hard time for me to deal with and coming to think about a perfect Christmas celebration that I had in mind for myself and my kids, I am really disappointed. Christmas holiday has always been a time of hope for me and my family. This year, it's a bit different.

With fewer funds available, we have to excuse ourselves from a beach party this year. We won't be able to take a family trip to our country home to attend the beach party as I always did in the past. It is not how I want to spend Christmas, but I can't complain. Things could be worse.

I know how hard this will be for the kids to deal with, especially my son who is always looking forward to a family trip to the beach every Christmas, and this year I have nothing in terms of money for him. It is at times like these that you find out just how much you have really become responsible for.

Many people in my position, and who are in the same financial situation as I am, must be having similar thoughts. But while others are still making their plans and knowing what to do, I am still waiting to see the end of this bear market.

I am still hopeful that things will change, and I will be able to take the kids to a beach party, if not this Christmas, then hopefully next year. But as I said earlier, I still have hopes and dreams, and even if the road ahead is rocky, I believe that everything will be OK in the end.

My sons want to get a mobile phone, but I don't have the money to buy it for them. Although I have given them money in the past, I will not do it this time. I know how expensive mobile phones are now.

It would be a great pity if the right time I promised them a phone came and I couldn't get it for them. The kids had planned to start working next year with the phone and buy something with their savings, but now, things have changed. And I don't know what to tell them. I guess this will be a lesson for them that they won't soon forget.

This Christmas has always been a special time for me and my kids. As we celebrate the season, my kids always enjoy traveling experiences. But this year, there won't be any such, and that is also part of the bitter side of this holiday season.

It is sad that we have to pass the Christmas Holiday season without a nice family vacation to a beach. There are many things that I wish we can still do. But as it is, I am left with a burden on my heart and there is nothing I can do about it.

Things will be back to normal, whatever that may be, next year. But in the meantime, I must try to make the best of what I have now, without even thinking of what could be.

This time of year is not a celebration to me, and I must do my best to make the most of the time that I have, at the same time, trying to make the best of my situation. I can't take it for granted that things will turn out OK.

The kids are wise enough to understand my situation, and they don't really expect much from me this year. They only need me to spend time with them and show that I care about them. At times like these, you realize how important family is. I am sad, and yet happy because the kids understand my situation.

However, we tried to make the most of the day that was Christmas for the kids. I tried to get up early to spend some time with them, as usual, and we went to church together, like every other year.

After church, we went home, had breakfast, and watch a movie for the afternoon. It was nice to be together as a family.

How was your Christmas with your family this year? Were you able to do something special with your family, or did you just stay at home? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year in advance, and may 2023 bring you much happiness and success.

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11 months ago


Merry Christmas my friend!

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11 months ago

Thank you, my friend

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11 months ago

I wish you a Merry Christmas anyway. I think next Christmas will be much better.

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11 months ago

Hopefully, things will get better next year.

Thanks for the tip, I appreciate it.

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11 months ago