LeoThread: A Steady Micro-Income Source You Can Trust

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I don't know about anyone else but for me, the Leothread micro-blogging site represents a real source of micro income that can make a difference over time. The Leothread platform comes in a totally different way for a social micro-blogging site from a revenue perspective. Unlike most paid micro-blogging platforms, Leothreads operates in the form of loyalty, therefore, consistency and strength are two of the rewards, and this reward comes unexpectedly.

Earning micro-income is fun but there are requirements to do so to achieve your goals. Every time I check on LeoThreads, the word "NO THREADS NO GAIN" always reechoed in my mind. And that calls for persistence which is the first requirement. The second is her sister called perseverance. Persistence and perseverance are two essential elements in the business of making money online. You can’t predict how it will go, but with patience, you can go on and on just like you keep adding money to your revenue sources and add more resources as Threads daily. These Threads can earn you micro income, and also add up to increasing your reputation on the Hive platform.

People often get frustrated in this kind of environment. There is a great tendency to receive upvotes immediately, But, if it doesn't come, that should not make anyone feel bad or lose hope and find a way out of the system. In any creative environment, perseverance and patience are necessary requirements for awareness. Of course, we must always remember that we can not influence anyone to vote on our Threads.

Personally, I have no worries about this. Well, I'd like to get upvote for every Thread I make, but I've studied the system here enough to know that I can't control that. So I continued to post quality content and engage with others' posts consistently as the rewards begin to come in gradually.

While there are other microblogging platforms where authors earn rewards for their content, their non-inclusiveness, and censorship make those sites difficult to use. This is where the Leothreads stand out above all else, an all-inclusive micro-blogging community for all Jack and Harry. Leothreads has become a reliable micro-income source for many on the Hive blockchain. The beauty of this platform is that you are sure of getting your rewards at any time you receive an upvote without the influence of a third party.

Having a micro source of income can be a great help in the long run. A lot of people here have developed a desire to stack up Hive/$LEO coins by being active on Thread, engaging, and interacting with others. These desires can be achieved with patience and perseverance. And as long as the Hive blogging community continues to exist there will be many wishes fulfilled.

Having a micro source of income is a great tool for everyone to have on the side. To work for long-term success and to be able to help others in the process is what the Leothread has become for so many people.

Practically, let me show you an example of how Leothreads has been a steady micro-income source for me.

A day ago, I got a boom upvote of over $2 worth of HIVE and LEO tokens in my reply to a thread that I even shared on twitter(X). This is not the first time I have received a boom-upvote on my thread. Anyone can earn this reward if they engage in conversation and interact with a quality thread. Moreover, I earned hundreds of micro-rewards on my thread daily. This is a result of my commitment and loyalty to the community. These micro-earnings may be small right now, but I can guarantee you that they can add up to be something huge in the long run.

I can see this system helping people in so many ways in the future. It has the ability to make anyone who is consistent in producing quality work on the Hive blockchain earn more in the long run. If it goes mainstream, what an amazing tool it will be.

Perhaps the great reward you get here is freedom of speech. Freedom of expression is a basic human right for the whole world and the survival of the human race. The spread of a free idea is what drives the whole world forward. If you can't express your thoughts online, you might as well stop communicating and/or grow in size.

That's why Leothreads provides a platform where we can freely express our views and share the internet. We can express our views and ideas without worry of censorship and no need to stand against those that make rules, regulations, and laws.

Leothreads enables everyone to have a platform to express themselves. This freedom is enjoyed by all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. The freedom to express is all it takes to become successful on this platform.

Even if you don't make a thread every single day, never stop replying, and interacting with community members, it will always be appreciated. Use these opportunities to help yourself and others grow.

I personally see these posts as an opportunity to show my gratitude and care to the community that has supported me and this blog from the beginning. There's no better way than to give back and have more appreciation for the community. The support shown to my blog has been great so far.

About Leofinance community

We can not end this conversation without talking about Leofinance. Leofinance is one of the largest and top web3 communities on the Hive blogging platform with its membership reaching 16722 at the time of typing this article. It is the Everything App built on the Hive Blockchain with all social media features integrated. From Medium, Facebook, Slack, Twitter, Reddit, and so on. You can not afford to miss this unique opportunity.

This community is a good example of how the Web3 community works. Leofinance is the beginning of the main economy on the Hive platform and is the home base for all Hive bloggers. And with a community of crypto enthusiasts, investors, financial analysts, Vloggers, Podcaster, storytellers, fiction and non-fiction writers, and others of the blockchain-enabled media, Leofinance is a unique place for bloggers, influencers, businesses, companies, and entrepreneurs of the new economy to converge.

Leofinance has its native token $LEO that is used to reward content creators in the community and for other uses within the Leoverse. Leofinance aims to create a community-driven platform where users can engage in discussions, share their thoughts and opinions, and earn $LEO tokens for their contributions. This community factor gave birth to Leothread.

The attached images are screenshots from my Leofinance account.

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