Bitcoin: What The Whales Know That We All Need To Know

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When we look at the crypto space and the behavior of a few Bitcoin whales and institutions, we are stunned and wonder if they never want to make a profit, or if they are not afraid of a possible drop in Bitcoin's price, or an impending ban by the world government.

The truth is that these people and organizations made the decision to learn something that many of us do not. The secret they know is what drives them in the crypto sector.

A thorough web search reveals a consistent pattern of conduct among them. They perform a series of things that the majority of us would never undertake. They know something that has inspired them to act on their principles, and that item or things are what the majority currently does not know that I believe we need to know.

I spent some time online researching some of those elites' histories in the crypto realm to see what they knew, and this is what I uncovered.

1. The courage to believe in a crazy concept

On January 9, 2009, an anonymous publisher released a document called White Paper, a document explaining the use and operation of digital money called Bitcoin. The world considered it to be a crazy concept that would soon disappear and certainly seem to be. How can digital money be used and have real-world value? Many asked. But only a few dared to believe in this absurd and insane idea being promoted by a mysterious being called Satoshi Nakamoto. These people who were considered crazy are the ones who are calling the shots in the crypto community today.

According to report, some of them were considered insane by investing in Bitcoin while the price was still cheap and inexpensive. 13 years after, they are still accumulating as they keep buying more Bitcoin time and time again. Many people who may have laughed at them and called them crazy for believing in another crazy man's idea. But today we can see their success stories in the Bitcoin community and the Crypto space at large.

I also see this idea as crazy some years ago when a friend of mine told me he was buying Bitcoin for $50. Today that my friend is still living on his Bitcoin investment. Like me, many people still looks at cryptocurrency as a crazy idea today, and the higher the price of Bitcoin become the harder it's for them to understand the force behind cryptocurrency.

2. They know the importance of patience and time

In the world of cryptocurrency, it is clear that one must possess both patience and time in order to witness the growth of its value. It is interesting how individuals often hop from one endeavor to another in search of instant monetary gain, as they are worried about the possibility of a decline in worth. Meanwhile, these prominent entities, such as whales and institutions, silently observe as the less resilient investors relinquish their Bitcoin, allowing them to seize the opportunity and accumulate their assets.

Success and gain in cryptocurrency doesn't necessarily come from frequent trading, but rather from the art of long-term holding. It's a proven fact that the longer you hodl, the more your investment will appreciate in worth. Of course, this principle may not hold true for all digital currencies. However, for well-established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as select altcoins backed by strong roadmaps and dedicated development teams, their value is bound to continuously surge.

3. They know the power of privacy

In cyberspace, the power of choice has long been synonymous with the power of privacy. The emergence of cryptocurrency has elevated this concept, amplifying the extent of privacy's influence. Let me explain why.

Maintaining privacy is important to many individuals nowadays, as they strive to keep their identities concealed and form limited connections. This desire stems from the understanding that everyone possesses a personal aspect that they wish to preserve exclusively. Cryptocurrency serves as a means to safeguard this privacy, enabling individuals to access their funds without the watchful eyes of governmental bodies and financial institutions.

4. They understand the effects of inflation on Fiat

This is one of the best kept secrets in the crypto world. Today's working class aren't much concerned about the devaluation of Fiat currency as long as they have a job that can pay them without thinking about the purchasing power of the money they earned.

Global economy only values the dollar, neglecting other important aspects. However, individuals who grasp the potential of Bitcoin acknowledge that the dollar is prone to inflation. They are aware that the most reliable strategy to safeguard the value of their currency is by converting it to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has an incredible power, capable of reaching values of $100,000, and people will still buy it. It amazes many that this simple concept has the ability to turn the economy around and bring happiness to people. The more individuals who participate, the greater the value of Bitcoin becomes.

5. They know the power of the Blockchain, and that nobody can be able to stop it

It's not foolish for these individuals to make Bitcoin their banks. They recognized the Blockchain's ability to introduce a newfound sense of freedom to our society. Unlike traditional banking institutions that are subject to government oversight and potential arbitrary actions, the blockchain operates without any central authority and remains unstoppable.

Around the world, some governments are issuing warnings against trading Bitcoin and considering a ban. However, they will be unable to enforce such a ban due to Bitcoin's inherent value and its capacity to reshape society. Consequently, the Bitcoin whales understand the significance and potential of Blockchain technology in today's world.

6. They know that Bitcoin have a limited supply

Not many people know the effects of Bitcoin's limited supply. With just 21 million supply and nearly over 90% of that mined already, Bitcoin mining will soon come to a halt. But what will follow after is the real deal that those whales and institutions are looking forward to.

Today, anyone can sell their Bitcoin, while the whales are looking for opportunities to gobble up as much as they can. When Bitcoin total supply is fully mined, that's when the real valuation of Bitcoin price will begin. Today's market is controlled largely by speculation, but then, what will happen when only a few owns a large portion of the circulatory supply, and they are not willing to sell them?

To summarize, the bitcoin whale understands that Bitcoin is the most powerful and efficient crypto asset, and that Bitcoin is the currency of the future. This is why the market is so confident in this coin's potential, and why they are buying more and more Bitcoin to add value to their portfolio.

With a current market cap of $ 584.62B, which is greater than the combined market cap of all other cryptocurrencies, and a circulating supply of 19.42M, Bitcoin has reached the next milestone and has begun to demonstrate that it will be around for many years to come, just as Bitcoin's founder has stated.

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