True love series 1

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1 year ago

True love makes compromises; fake love is selfish.

True love always shows a willingness to make compromises. It’s about two people who understand that the needs of the relationship are always going to supersede the needs of the individual.

True love is humble; fake love is egotistical and narcissistic.

True love is always going to espouse a sense of humility. It always knows that it isn’t perfect and that it has many flaws that need to be worked on. But it always works tirelessly to learn from mistakes and to grow from weaknesses.

True love is always thankful; fake love never contented.

True love is always going to show gratitude and appreciation. You are going to have a partner who would never be shy about expressing just how much they care about you. They would always be willing to show you the appreciation for everything that you do in the relationship.

Stay blessed.

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