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5 Ways to be Happy

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4 months ago

Living in this world is not easy it’s too heavy and substantial, but we still standing and fighting in every situation in our life we continue to move forward and take the steps to the path that we should go through. Happiness is not a chance it a choice we choose to be happy we want to be happy we surround are self a people that make us happy and that’s our choose so here are 5 Ways to be Happy.

1. Enjoy Simple Things

They always said that “Enjoy your life to the fullest” it’s very helpful for you to live joyful and rejoicing. You must appreciate simple things or the small things that happened in your life you must be thankful and delightful in every moment in your life. For example saying Hi, Hello or smile to someone that you encounter or talk to. Even when you wake up in the morning be happy, or do your routines and habits to feel the joyful moment in your life.

2. Be an Achiever and take the Goal

Having and goals in life is a great opportunity for your self Why? because it will push you to move and stepping forward, it motivates you to go out of your box. Be an achiever gives you honor and pride and it makes you more successful. Motivating yourself is the best that you can do for example take 10 good words that you want to use while you talk to people, list down, or take note of the things that you've done in a day. Living life with direction and guidance can lead you the be happy.

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3. Having a Positive Attitude

People say "it's hard to have a positive attitude" maybe yes but it's not because every decision that you make will tell you who you are or what attitude you have. Thinking positive is a great idea it will lead you to a positive life, talk positively will lead you to a good communicator, for example, ask or answer someone in a good manner makes them comfortable telling true will make you more reliable. Don't forget to remember to surround yourself a people that make you happy that will bring you a positive attitude for a positive outcome.

4. Act of Kindness

Having a feeling of fulfillment and gratitude will lead you to feelings of happiness and gratefulness - sharing that gratitude is a way of being kind to people. In the world of full hate, we must give the cares one of the best examples of it is visiting the orphans, giving food to the hungry, give water to those who are thirsty, give clothes to those who are in need. This kind of compassion will make a path going to the bottom of your heart. Compassion and Kindness are best friends they always in touch with one another and that shows how the community or person be happy.

5. Express Love

Love is the beginning of everything it's the root of all emotions and feelings that we have this will give us satisfaction to continue supporting people, extend ourselves to them, to transit our life for them so we realize the whole idea of love. Love is contiguous so that you must share this with others for you to endure the true happiness in life.

Facing a world without armor is like, breathing for a limited time. Happiness makes us whole, makes us who we are and what we are happiness will teach us to be grateful in our life. And sometimes you think that you are alone but I just what to remind you that you're not alone He is always there at your side and in your heart.


Hi! I’m Ferl I love writing and arts my goal is to share my passion for writing and Bless people. Thank You.

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Written by   4
4 months ago
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Thank You for you appreciation. I will keep writing.

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4 months ago

Congratulations on your first article. Happiness is love. It's a true happiness when you were able to help other people. And all those things you've said are true ways to be happy. Keep writing and see you around.

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4 months ago