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Who's your who in EXO

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Tue, December 5



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STAT 101

Ma'am Cortez: Classes are suspended for today. Final exam will be moved tomorrow. Stay safe everyone.

"Yes!" I exclaimed in delight as I read the message sent by our statistics instructor. Today is Tuesday, and supposed to be our final exam. I tried to pull an all-nighter last night but I ended up sleeping at 4AM. I woke up around 7, with panic already arising within me. The heavy rain outside caught my attention, and ironically lightened me up. The exam was supposed to start at 8, and I patiently waited for a miracle to happen. Luckily, the exam was postponed. My procastinating self was saved from failing the exam, temporarily.

I smiled as I stared at the glass window in front of my study table. Maybe I should thank the goddess of rain for hearing my prayer. I chuckled at my silly thought. I glanced at the round wall clock beside the window. 8:15 AM. I realized that I still have plenty of hours to study the whole day. A 20-minute break wouldn't be bad right?

I decided to minimize the opened files that I studied last night for the exam. I opened a new tab, and typed

Random K-pop videos popped up on my account. I'm fan of K-pop, particularly of EXO. I scrolled down and looked for their funny videos that will cheer me up before calculating numbers again.

One random video caught my attention. I got curious and I ended up watching it. The video was about picking random stuff with a role assigned to it, and an EXO member will be revealed in the end. It was basically a game, and I cringed at the thought of it. But then I thought it might be fun to see the results, and I ended up playing it. I got surprised after the results were revealed. My bias was not even on the list. I was cringing and laughing at the same time.

An idea suddenly popped up into my head. My 20-minute break was already finished and I needed to continue studying again. But a voice inside my head is telling me that I should try making a story out of it. I glanced again at the results, and my fingers were tempted to type the keyboard for a story. It's been a while since I wrote one, and maybe I could try writing again that is something fun.

In the end, I decided to make a fanfiction out of the results that I got from the game. I entitled it "Who's your Who in EXO" with the chosen members as my characters of my imagined story.

I checked the time before I proceeded to write. Breaking my 20-minute rule wouldn't hurt, right?



Bestfriend: Jong In (Kai)

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Roomate: Kyungsoo (D.O.)

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Has a crush on me: Chanyeol

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Your crush: Baekhyun

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Takes on a roadtrip: Kyungsoo (D.O.)

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1st date: Minseok (Xiumin)

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1st kiss: Baekhyun

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Your boyfriend: Baekhyun

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Who to marry: Jong In (Kai)

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When I was a kid, our family used to live beside our Korean neighbors. They were the Kim Family and they had a kid named Jong In. I can still remember that one summer break when Jong In suddenly appeared in front of me. I was alone, sitting by our homemade swing in our backyard. He approached me and said something that I couldn't decipher."Annyeong what"? I panicked and ran immediately inside our house, directly to my room. "Who was that?" My heart was beating loud and fast. I was that type of a girl who was timid and shy of almost everyone. I was even the most quite girl in our class.

Later that night, my mom called me because we will be having a dinner with our new neighbors. Little did I know, that kid a while ago was their son. He was way older than me. I think we had a 4-year gap. Eventually, our families were already closed to each other, and eventually we became best friends. Of course we did not became friends instantly, he approached me many times before because of my reserved behavior. He was my first friend.

Jong In wanted me to call him "oppa". I treated him like an older brother and he treated me like his own little sister. He danced a lot because he loved dancing. He is also into dogs and he treats them very lovingly. Jong In is such a very kind and passionate person.

However, when I turned 15 we parted ways. The year was 2002. They had to go back to Korea to pursue his dream of being a dancer. I also had to move to Japan because I will be studying there. I forgot to mention that I am Japanese and most of my relatives live in Japan. My parents wanted me to learn how to live the Japanese life. Good thing they let me live in a dormitory because I was too shy to live with my relatives. Jong In and I were just an ocean apart, however communications during those times were still costly. I did not attempt to write a letter and neither did he. My new busy life just started and so was his.


When I first arrived at the dormitory (my new home), I was a too shy to approach any person. The landlady welcomed me warmly and gave me a little tour around the dorm. Two guys greeted me and I just timidly smiled back at them. I must admit that those two boys were good-looking. The tall one was the first to greet me. He was cheerful and I must say he got some big ears, but it was kind of attractive actually. The other boy was also cheerful, and he looked really cute. But I bet he already hated me. He asked what was my name but I got too nervous to speak. He asked again in a sarcastic tone and I was getting more nervous. He must have assumed that I don't like talking to them. Thank goodness the landlady shooed them away and told them that I still need some rest. The tall guy immediately said "すみません," (Sorry) and smiled apologetically. He dragged his cute friend away because he already looked like he's in a bad mood. Excuse my timidness, mister.

I forgot to mention their name. The tall one was Chanyeol while the other one who looked mad was Baekhyun. As I received my room keys, I head directly to my room. A silent guy was sitting near the window, reading a book.To my surprise, he was rather silent. He was way different with the two other boys before. He was just like me, very silent. It was really awkward because none of us were talking. I unpacked my bags and organized my stuff. When I was trying to arrange the books that I brought from home I suddenly felt an awkward atmosphere. I stopped midway and faced my roomate. He was also looking into my direction but not straight to my eyes. He was focused to the book that I was holding with owlish eyes!

I panicked and forced my self to talk. "Y-you can borrow...these. If you w-want? Hehe." He seemed nervous too because his voice was shaking when he replied back. The atmosphere was filled with awkwardness but we tried to lessen it. We talked about the book he was reading and we found out that we share same favorites! To cut this long awkward story short, we became close friends. And my roomate's name was Kyungsoo.


My high school years were fun and colorful. I gained a lot of friends. Thanks to the outgoing and super-friendly Chanyeol, he helped me lessen my shyness towards other people. I was also friends with Baekhyun, however he always teased me a lot and we fought a lot. But we're friends. He was just too frank with me, I guess.

I was already in my senior year in high school, and the month was Febuary. Valentine's Day is fast approaching and somehow I wanted to give someone a chocolate. Okay, I admit. For the past three years, I have been secretly admiring someone, or maybe loving this someone already? Hahaha. I'm fine with him being friends only, but we're graduating this year, maybe there's nothing wrong if I try? So, in the end, I decided to give chocolates to the three significant boys in my life.

Chanyeol, Kyungsoo and Baekhyun.

Okay, now I admit I only wanted to give it to Baekhyun. But I ended up including Kyungsoo and Chanyeol to cover up my feelings for him. I explained to them that I was giving them chocolates out of obligation, I did not want them to assume I have feelings for them. Kyungsoo and Chanyeol thanked me, however Baekhyun was somehow being grumpy.

March came, and White Day eventually came too. I was surprised when I received a chocolate and a letter from Chanyeol! I did not open it until I went to the dormitory. Kyungsoo baked me chocolate cupcakes too! I was happy receiving these chocolates because I loved chocolates! I was kind of sad because I was expecting I would receive something from Baekhyun. But I guess he is not into these soft and cheesy stuff.

While eating the chocolate cupcakes with Kyungsoo, I remembered Chanyeol's letter and immediately took it out of my bag. Kyungsoo asked what it was and I immediately said it was from Chanyeol. He wondered if it was a love letter, but I just responded that it must have been a prank letter. We laughed at the idea and eventually I opened it. However, Kyungsoo turned out to be right, it was really a love letter.


Miyamoto Miyuki,

こんいちは! (Hi!) I hope you had a fun and lovely White Day today. I wanted to take you out for dinner or karaoke together with Kyungsoo and Baekhyun. But I guess we're too busy for our college entrance exams. Where will you study college soon? Will you go back to your home country in Canada? I guess if that happens to be true, I will turn out to be very sad. You have been very precious to me, I can't just lose you. We've been together for years now, and now is my last chance to tell you what I've been wanting to tell you.

Miyuki, please don't get surprised on what I will be telling you in the following sentences. I have already assessed myself many times already. I've been trying to rationalize things up that you're only a friend. A precious friend. However, the first time time I met you, I suddenly felt some kind of a connection already between the two of us. I was worried by that time if you got intimidated with me and Baekhyun, but then I found out later that you were just shy and timid.

I felt really glad the next day because you were the first one that said "Hi" to me. I was feeling euphoric by that time because you remembered me! You looked awkward but cute at the same time. We became the best of friends, but I guess I went out of the friendship borderline.

Yes, I like you. I'm sorry if I was trying to pull off a dramatic introduction. Haha. So yeah, that was just my point of giving you this letter. I like you. I like you. I like you. I like you. I like you.

Even if I have to repeat myself many times, I won't get tired of it. I like you. Very, very much.

I like you very much, my Shirayuki. Please go out with me!

But please, don't get pressured! I accept whatever is your respond. You know you only have two choices: Yes or Yes!

Hahaha <3

Your one and only prince charming,

Park Chanyeol

P.S. Meet me at the rooftop tomorrow, 5pm. I'll be waiting you there my princess.


And that was the content of the letter. I was totally surprised. Now, what? I like Chanyeol too, but only as friend! I already admitted to myself that I'm into someone else.

I was reading the letter aloud because Kyungsoo insisted. In the end, he cringed and choked out of his chocolate cupcake. I gave him water and asked for help. However, he just told me to not let himself involved with this problem because he had his own problems too. What a friend! He told me to meet Chanyeol the next day because it might have been just a prank letter. Kyungsoo found it unbelievable because he noticed Chanyeol hanging around with different girls. I could be just one of those girls that he has been flirting with!

I get Kyungsoo's point. Chanyeol can get flirty sometimes, but in a funny way. He calls me princess and Shirayuki most of the time. My name is Miyuki, and my nickname is Yuki. I'm not really white, but I guess I ended up being called Shirayuki or Snowhite by Chanyeol. By the way Kyungsoo calls me Miyuki, I insisted him to call me by my first name. On the other hand, Baekhyun just calls me Miyamoto. Plain Miyamoto.

The next day came. When our class was over, I went directly to the roof top. I already saw Chanyeol's back and I approached towards him. I was breathing in and out, I was really nervous on how should I reject him in a friendly way!

He then faced me with his teethy smile and then utters again the words.

"I like you, Shirayuki. Please go out with me!" He then bowed at me, with his hands offering at me.

Please forgive me Chanyeol.

"I'm sorry, Chanyeol. I like you, but only as a friend."

"Wait. Doesn't that count that you like me too? We both like each other, so what's the problem?"

"The thing is, I'm inlove with someone else."

"What? You did not tell me that you were already engaged in a relationship!"

"No, I'm not."

"So, it's a one-sided love. I can make you forget about him if you give me a chance."

"ごめん (Sorry), Chanyeol. But I don't think I can fool myself on who I really love. I don't want to get things complicated. I don't want to use you just to forget about these feelings. We are friends Chanyeol, and I really treasure our friendship."

And I finally rejected the one and only mighty Park Chanyeol. I just rejected the Campus Heartthrob. But it's kind of amazing how he still accepted my decision. He told me that he will remain as a friend to me. But then he told me to still pursue me. I have been too shocked about everything. Chanyeol apologized on he was hasty with his decision. He bowed again to me and I panicked. Chanyeol did nothing wrong. I guess, it was just my feelings that went wrong.


The news about rejecting Chanyeol spread like wildfire at school. Imagine, the handsome and talented Chanyeol, who was being dreamed by a lot of girls, was just rejected by an ordinary girl like me. But I never cared about everyone was talking.

Chanyeol was still being Chanyeol, however he continued to pursue me. He said that maybe my heart can be convinced if I get to know more the romantic Chanyeol rather than the typical funny Chanyeol.

Classes were over again and I was about to change my shoes at the locker. To my surprise, my shoes were gone! I looked everywhere and there was Baekhyun, standing at the door way.

"Looking for these?" Now, how I wished it was my heart that he was holding. My heart was beating too fast!

"Give those back to me, Byun Baekhyun. Please, I'm not in the mood to play games." I tried to stay calm as much possible.

"Hmmm, let me think about it. Right after you get these back!" And then he swiftly runs away!

Now, tell me. Is this really the guy that I admired for 3 years? What part of him again that made myself attracted to him?

Because I was not really into the mood to chase Byun Baekhyun, and he was already out of sight, I chose to go home with my socks only. I think I'm really going crazy right now. I can't even get mad at Byun Baekhyun right now! I guess, I will just think of this as a form of punishment because of rejecting Chanyeol.

When I was already about to exit the school gates, someone shouted my name.

"Miyuki!" It was Park Chanyeol. He immediately approached me. "Where are your shoes?" He was puzzled.

"I guess, I lost it. Hehehe."

"What? Someone must have took it! Tell me who was it!" And he acted as if he was already about to punch someone.

"Chill, Park Chanyeol. Someone must have mistook it as his own shoes." Emphasizing on the his word. I can't just tell him that it was Byun Baekhyun who took my shoes.

"Then, it can't be helped. Wear my shoes for now." Then he takes off his shoes.

My eyes widened at his offer. "Wait, what? Thanks Chanyeol, but I won't. Besides, those shoes are too big for me!"

"I'm not giving you these anyway, I'm just letting you wear it temporarily!" Now, the typical Chanyeol is back.

I laughed at him. And he laughed at me too. We laughed together. Now this is better.

"I'm letting you wear these as a friend. If you can't accept the fact that I'm your suitor."

"Then what about you? Your feet will going to get hurt."

"And now you're concerned?" And he suddenly smirks at me.

"Excuse me, I'm concerned because you're a friend? Oh, let me rephrase that. Only a friend." We laughed again together.

And Chanyeol acted as if he was hurt. Well, technically he was already hurt. He just doesn't show it to me or to anyone. Forgive me again, Chanyeol.

We continued to bicker because Chanyeol kept on insisting me to wear his shoes. In the end, he won. We stopped by a department store and I just ended up buying slippers. I cant just bring his shoes at home!


The next day came. Good thing I own an extra pair of shoes. Oh Baekhyun! Had you only not the person that I love!

When I was about to change into the school shoes, a box was placed inside my locker. It was a new pair of shoes!

So, Byun Baekhyun gave these as a gift? The thought of wearing it made me excited already! I was smiling all the way to the classroom.

News again about me and Chanyeol were sorrounding the campus. I used to be a shy and timid girl, but I guess I was no longer the type that gets easily affected by what people think of me. I don't eventually care anymore.

Lunch time came and I decided to go the cafeteria. I looked for my favorite bread and one piece only remained. I was about to pick the bread when suddenly Baekhyun snatched it out of my hands.

"Too slow. It's now mine." He stucks out his tounge like a child. I decided to play with him.

"Ladies first, sorry." I grabbed the bread from him.

He grabbed again the bread away from me. I grabbed it again away from him. I was no longer hungry. I guess I was just happy that the two of us were playing with the bread. Poor bread. Someone suddenly clears his throat that would stop me and Baekhyun.

"Are you going to buy that bread or not?" In the end, I let Baekhyun won. I was about to buy something else when suddenly Chanyeol appeared in front of us.

"Hey there, Baekhyun!"

"Hello." Baekhyun suddenly became serious.

"Miyuki, you're still not buying? Oh I see, your favorite bread is already sold out. I can buy you something else." And here we go again with the usual mighty Park Chanyeol.

"Then, buy me everything." I joked.

"What? Hahahaha." And the both of us laughed. While in the middle of laughing, Baekhyun suddenly gave me the bread that he had bought.

"Take this. I'm no longer hungry." And with that he went away. What happened? Both Chanyeol and I got puzzled at Baekhyun's sudden act. He looked angry.

And that was just the time that I forgot to thank him about the shoes!

The next days came and Baekhyun remained hostile to me. I know he is childish most of the time, but this time he became sulky.

And I can't even think what is the main reason. Was it just about the shoes? I guess he could be also just playing with me.


Graduation came. I still decided not to go back to Canada. I convinced my parents to pursue my college studies here in Japan. Besides, I already passed the entrance exam at 東大 (Tokyo University).

Chanyeol eventually found another girl. Oh, let me rephrase that. A girl finally found Chanyeol. I was really happy for him! Kyungsoo remained Kyungsoo. Baekhyun remained sulky. He kept on avoiding me and in the end I decided to stop approaching him. I must have pestered him a lot already.

I graduated as a better person. But my love for Baekhyun didn't. My unrequited love for him remained.


Finally, summer vacation came. Kyungsoo took me on a road trip. He said he wanted to drive me to a certain place where we will celebrate the Summer Festival. Actually Kyungsoo had a date, he only wanted me to come with him because he wanted me to introduce to his friend. I have already declined Kyungsoo before, however he insisted that it will only be a friendly date. He did not want his friend to be a third wheel on that day.

We arrived at the Summer Festival. Kyungsoo introduced me to his friend, Minseok. We spend the day together. And I guess that turned out to be my first date. I really enjoyed his company. He's such a cute and funny guy!

However, before the fireworks show even started, Minseok started to have a stomach ache. I remained alone because he had to find a toilet. It must have been because of what he ate before he arrived at the summer festival.

Out of the blue, while I was waiting for Minseok, I met Chanyeol with his girl, and Baekhyun was being the third wheel.

The girl clutched both of her arms with Chanyeol and Baekhyun which made me confused. I suddenly felt a painful tug inside my heart and I just casually greeted them.

Baekhyun immediately unclutched her arm because he wanted to buy something. The pain inside my heart continued as I saw Baekhyun walk away. I think I must really had done something wrong to him but I just can't determine what it was. If only I could ask him. But how could I if he didn't want to talk to me in the first place?

Chanyeol greeted back with his usual flashy smile however he got dragged away by the girl beside her because the fireworks show would start in a few minutes. I lost sight of them because of the increasing crowd.

Suddenly, I also got dragged away by someone. The fireworks show started and I was only focused to Baekhyun holding my left hand while trying to intertwine his fingers to my fingers. We stayed there together under the fireworks show, while his other hand was eating a chocolate ice cream. My gaze transfered to his face, smiling at the fact that he was eating his ice cream carelessly. What a baby. He then faced me.

"What? Do you want this ice cream?" His voice was somehow unaudible due to the fireworks show.

"Yes?" I suddenly said yes out of nowhere because I wanted him to repeat what he had asked.

He then gave me a share of the chocolate ice cream from his lips.

I frozed. That was my first freaking kiss!!!

"What? I thought you wanted the ice cream?" He was saying that in his childish tone.

I can feel my blood rushing into my cheeks! What the heck, Byun Baekhyun!

"I-i.." I was trying to formulate a sentence but I was left speechless.

"Do you want it or not?" He asked again.

My heart was about to explode. I can no longer think of anything and I just ended up nodding.

And he kissed me again. This time, I kissed him back.

"I'm sorry if I was late giving you a chocolate."

We both shared that chocolate flavored kiss under the summer night sky filled with fireworks.


Baekhyun and I shared a happy love story.


However, I still ended up marrying my bestfriend, Kim Jong-In.



I read the story that I created. I ended up cringing and laughing at the same because it became a Kpop fanfic with a touch of high school animé in it. Nonetheless, I was satisfied at how it ended. Time to review, now!

I sorted my reviewers but before I could start reading it, I suddenly felt cold. I stared into the window and it was still raining cats and dogs outside. Noodles would be perfect for this weather.

I suddenly remembered the ramen that I brought from the grocery store yesterday. Perfect! I forgot to cook it last night, maybe I should cook it for lunch.

I checked the time again. Still plenty of hours to study. Besides, I have not eaten breakfast yet.

Eating a bowl of noodles wouldn't be bad right?

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