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Forgive Me Father, For I have Sinned

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11 months ago

In the past, I've shared my thoughts on avatar NFT art. Long story short, I think it's a bit silly. But I've stumbled upon an NFT project that speaks to me. And I simply couldn't stop myself. Don't ask me how I stumbled upon PunkTulips. Like NBA Paint a few months back, sometimes I just find things without any rhyme or reason. You know how it is. You're on the internet minding your own business and suddenly you go down a rabbit hole of hilariousness. You end up wasting an hour doing rudimentary research and deciding it makes sense to spend roughly $15 on jpegs. Or is that just me? This is the description for PunkTulips:

This is the curious case of a boomer that goes into a frenzy and creates 10,000 unique PunkTulips NFTs. Is it art…a meme…or a tulip mania?

Art... a meme... or a tulip mania? Maybe it's all three? Anyway, I found PunkTulips this weekend and kind of loved what I saw. While the details are minimal and I have no idea who is behind this project, I spent some magic internet money (of the Solana variety) on 5 avatar NFTs. The good news is I don't have to identify as a cigar smoking Hungry Panda anymore. I'm now PunkTulip #103. Why did I pick that one for my new digi-persona? Well, of the 200 minted PunkTulips, it was the only one left that had Bitcoin logo eyes. I tracked some of the obvious characteristics and compared what was still available with what was purchased.

Of the 200 minted tulips, Bitcoin eyes, blooming variant, gradient background, hats, and VR headset seemed to be the most sought after rarities. For instance, I counted Bitcoin eyes on 28 of the 200 Tulips. PunkTulip #103 was the only one with Bitcoin eyes that hadn't yet been purchased. The blooming variant is another characteristic that had a very strong index for purchased against available. 

Look, I view this as largely a joke. But it brought me joy and I decided to show the person behind it some love. If this collection somehow takes off, which I highly doubt, I'll be ready with some choice PunkTulips to satisfy secondary market demand.

Disclaimer: for the love of God, this is not investment advice.

$ 2.56
$ 2.55 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 0.01 from @nomadghada
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Written by   5
11 months ago
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