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Are Kratom Teas Stronger Than Powdered Kratom?

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Kratom lovers and users have a lot of options to choose from in the market; for first-timers, that becomes even more exciting. Most people use kratom capsules for its convenience and usability anywhere. Although the versatile variety among kratom products are the varieties that are customizable, kratom tea and kratom powder. Later on we’ll find out the answer to, “is kratom tea stronger than powder?”

Kratom tea, just like any beverage, can be infused with anything. Because the solution can be personalized, or made in a way that’s needed, people have more space to experiment or explore what can be done with a cup of kratom tea. This is specially the case for those who drink white kratom teas in the morning to increase their energy and sharpen their focus.

Another option that offers the same versatility are kratom powders. Just like kratom tea, kratom powders are mostly prepared as drinks, although can also be produced as kratom capsules. This is the only variety that can be consumed directly in powder form, as a beverage, and as a bi-product. Commonly, kratom powders are used for warm drinks or as base of flavors in shakes or smoothies.

If a first-timer is to choose between the two, what option goes further in terms of potency after knowing the advantages in using each of the variety? Is kratom tea stronger than powder?

The answer is…

Is Kratom Tea Stronger Than Powder? – No!

If choosing between kratom teas and kratom powder, the best option for potency goes to kratom powder. With kratom teas, the problem lies with how it is prepared when made organically. Some kratom users make tea directly from the leaves. Opting for a homemade tea has its benefits and assures the user an end result that is more naturally made.

Unfortunately, the disadvantage goes above what can be taken as benefits from kratom teas. Because most kratom teas are made from boiling kratom leaves at home, the method of boiling, itself, deactivates the alkaloids in a kratom leaf. As a result, you get kratom flavored tea that is not as effective anymore in providing the benefits from the kratom leaves.

Is kratom tea stronger than powder? The answer, clearly, is no.

What Makes Kratom Powder Better…

After providing a direct answer to the question, “Is kratom tea stronger than powder?”, this time it helps to break down what are some of the advantages in using kratom powder. The following are the different facets to kratom powders that give them the edge.


Compared to teas, kratom powders have higher concentration. This means whether it’s used to fill up capsules, directly taken at the top of the tongue, or infused in drinks, the effect to one’s health is more compact and absorbable. You also get more of the flavor when making bi-products using kratom powder. On the grounds of concentration, teas definitely lack in the question of “is kratom tea stronger than powder?”


The formulation of the powder is also an advantage compared to kratom teas. This is an area where kratom teas fall behind in. Beside the natural components that carry health benefits earthed from kratom leaves, kratom powders are also specially formulated to carry other nutritional substances more than just the alkaloids. This in turn provides the user a diversity of health benefits in every beverage made with kratom powder.

Is kratom tea stronger than powder? In terms of formulation, kratom teas fail.  

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1 year ago
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