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Hope You all will be fine and doing well. Today I am starting to share with you all a very interesting experience that includes my studies. Actually I have done all this work during my studies. All my studies are about fish, which is my main subject in my research. Actually I chose fish for research because I love it and I love to know about them. My experience consisted of two weeks i.e 14 days. So let's show you the beautiful highlights from day one to day fourteen. In fact, the purpose of our work was to see how fish can be protected with guava leaves. To see this result, we first infected the fish and then gave the fish a diet of guava leaves. The infection we used was Aeromonas hydrophila. 

Day 1

On the first day, we put about 200 fish in a large circulating tank.The fish were very carefully put inside the polythene bag and brought to the university from the hatchery. We use have more fish because fish are in danger of dying in the early days due to climate change. We used a lot of air stones and air pumps to supply oxygen to the fish. In the early days, fishes require very little food but we did not realize that and on the first day, we put a lot of food on the fish, which caused a lot of fish to die.

My own Screenshot ( Fishes in Circulating tank)
My own Screenshot ( Dead fishes due to heavy dose of food)

Daily Care

We included ten girls in this experiment and we used to take care of the fish daily. And the water of the fish tank was regularly changed because the fish could suffer from dirty water. 

Similarly, on a daily basis, fish feces were siphoned accurately. And we used to inspect air pumps and tire stones on a daily basis so that the supply of oxygen to the fish does not come to the problem. 

My own image ( Fishes in aquariums)
My own image ( Fishes in aquariums)

Day 3

On the third day, we transferred all the fish in the tank to small aquariums. And after transferring, we gave infection to all fish as well as started feeding guava leaves to fish to cure the infection. Now we had to collect blood samples from fish today, then on the seventh day and then on the fourteenth day. In the beginning some fish died due to infection but will gradually be stable. On the first day of the section we collected the blood of fishes. We sent these blood samples to be tested in the laboratory. To see what has changed in the blood of the fishTo see what has changed in the blood of the fish.

Own image (fish blood sampling)

Day 5

On the fifth day, we removed all the fish in a water-filled container. And thoroughly cleaned all the aquariums of the fishes. After clearing then put all the fish inside again. 

My own image ( Fishes in newly clean aquariums)

Day 7 & 14

On the seventh day we collected the blood of fishes again and sent this blood to the laboratory for testing. Similarly, the blood of the fish was collected on the 14th day and sent to the laboratory for testing. After finishing all the environment, we discarded all the fishes safely. 

My Own image during blood sampling


When the lab results came to us, it was seen that the guava leaves gave a lot of benefit to the fish. The amount of fish's blood was also higher than before and the fishes had beat the infection badly due to the curing strength of guava leaves. 

Finally I want to tell you that during the experience me and my friends enjoyed a lot and we got to learn a lot from this experiment.During this experiment, we also got to learn that fish is a very sensitive animal. If it is not given full attention, it can die very soon. I want you guys to also share about your research project experience with me in the comments section.That's it for today I will meet you as soon as possible in a new interesting article.

All images including lead image are captured by me!

Thanks Everyone !


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