Poem: Teaching, the best profession in the world

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11 months ago

I am using this poem to say thank you to all teachers that have impacted me from creche to the University level.

I'm also from a family of teachers. My mum is a retired teacher and my two sisters are both teachers. I've also taught at secondary school level and university level. Though I'm a researcher now but I believe I will still go back to teaching (lecturing in the University)

Teaching is the best profession on earth as every other professions have to pass through teachers. It's just a pity that teachers are not treated the way they are suppose to be treated in this country but we still have a lot of them dedicated to their profession.

Teaching is a profession that gives joy and fulfilment. While Jesus Christ was on earth, the major thing he did was to teach his disciples and people around him. No wonder he was called the great teacher.

May God bless all our teachers. I have this little poem to celebrate with teachers.

The word teacher make me think of the very beginning

The beginning of my days at school

I held firm my mother's hand

I was afraid to leave her

But suddenly an angel held my other hand

And all my fear flew

She wiped away my tears and took me to class

That was when my grooming starts

I came to understand that a teacher is another parent I had

For which I'm still happy

I am glad that teachers were there to guide

They taught me everything I know

All the manners and values I have

My tree have reached heights 'cos they watered it

Teachers are my preachers

They'll continue to be in my heart forever

For they have given me strength to endeavor

Teachers are my most precious treasure.

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11 months ago