I got 12 Loot Chests as reward on Splinterlands last season

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3 years ago

The last season on Splinterlands just came to an end recently and it was a fantastic one. Great battle were fought where many battles were won and some were lost.

At the end of the season, I got a reward for my performance as usual and this time I got a 12 Loot Chests.

The 12 Loot Chests consist of

  • Nectar Queen

  • Fire Spitter

  • 57 Dark Energy Crystals

  • Baby Unicorn

  • 1 Alchemy Portion Charge

  • Gelatinous Cube

  • 1 Alchemy Portion Charge

  • 11 Dark Energy Crystals

  • 1 Legendary Portion Charge

  • 1 Alchemy Portion Charge

  • 15 Dark Energy Crystals

  • 1 Alchemy Portion Charge

I got this reward because I finished in Silver III league. I started the league on Bronze II, advanced to Bronze I and I was able to finally unlock the Silver league.

It was indeed a great season. I hope this new season we just started will be better in term of performance for me.

Hope to see you all on the battle ground. Don't forget that for every battle won, you will earn free DEC token which is trading on Hive-Engine.

Thanks for Dropping By !

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3 years ago