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The story of cheating in the pages of Sadia's diary

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1 year ago

Zakir Hossain Mollah. One lakh rupees. One lakh rupees for the second time. Five lakh rupees for the third time and one lakh rupees for the fourth time. Sadia Jannat alias Jannatul Ferdous has written the account of Tk 8 lakh taken from Zakir Hossain Mollah on the page of her diary in the temptation of taking her to Canada after marriage.

Zakir Mollah is not alone, many more are the victims of Sadia's deception. The list of people trapped in her marriage is so long that she most likely could not remember everything. For this he used to write everyone's name in his diary. He used to write in his diary when he would meet or meet someone. He also used to keep a record of how much money he had taken from whom.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the police has received such a diary of Sadia. However, there is no complete account of his cheating story in this diary. The diary contains the story of the cheating of only two years, i.e. 2015 and 2016. It contains the names of more than two hundred people, each of whom was tempted to move to Canada after marriage and took large sums of money.

According to a page in Sadia's diary, he took six and a half lakh rupees from Anwar of Comilla in four installments. Another page says, Sanaullah has spoken.

There is information on talking to Abdul Halim on another page. Every page of the diary contains a story of deception.

The CID says that in just two years, hundreds of people have fallen into the trap of Sadia's seven-eight years of deception. Her second husband Enamul Hasan alias Jihad, Shahriar, Farzana and Abu Sufian are in the circle.

Sadia, the ringleader, introduced herself as a Canadian citizen. The CID arrested him from Banani last Thursday. After that, the CID seized the diary from his Banasree home.

CID Additional Superintendent of Police Zakir Hossain told Samakal that Sadia had amassed wealth in and around Dhaka with fraudulent money. Evidence of some assets has been found. He currently has about one crore rupees in a bank account. An operation is underway to nab other members of the gang.

Sadia's father's house is in Comilla. She divorced her first husband. About eight years ago, he married Enamul, a resident of Bahadurpur in Muladi police station in Barisal. They live in Banasree of the capital. Enamul is Sadia's main accomplice in the scam.

'I want an old pot': Sadia herself never went to Canada. There is an impression of modernity in her dress and speech. He was good at convincing people that he was a Canadian citizen. He also used to advertise in newspapers to spread fraud. As advertised in the newspaper, the established businessman Canadian Citizen Divorce needs a pot for a childless bride. The height of the bride is five feet three inches. Age 36 years. He has a business in Canada. The elderly bridegroom who was interested in taking charge of the business was asked to contact. Sadia's mobile phone number was also given in the advertisement for communication.

The first meeting was at an elite restaurant: CID said that after seeing advertisements in newspapers, those who wanted to get married would first contact Sadia on her mobile phone. After talking for a day or two, he would meet at an elite restaurant in Gulshan-Banani. He used to tell the pot about his choice. He used to tell fabricated stories that he has a business worth Rs 200 crore in Canada. He used to take a passport with the dream of taking her to Canada after marriage. In the name of preparing the necessary documents to go to Canada with a visa, he first demanded one or two lakh rupees. Interested people would easily believe and hand over their passports and money to him. After that he used to seize lakhs in various ways.

Sadia recently snatched Tk 1.69 crore from 80-year-old Nazir Hossain, a businessman from Old Dhaka. At one point Nazir realizes that he is being deceived. He filed a case with Gulshan police station. CID has arrested Sadia in that case. He was remanded in custody for two days after his arrest on Friday.

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1 year ago
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