Luis Suarez 2014-2020

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2 years ago

Barcelona have signed Luis Suarez to their side after the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. After joining the team, the condition was that no one should be bitten. The grumpy Suarez slowly adapted to the team. Became the number one in the history of Bara. 3rd highest goal scorer in Barca history. He has scored 198 goals and 109 assists in 263 matches. He has won 13 titles for the team. Luis Suarez is the only player in the Messi Ronaldo era to have won the Golden Boot twice. The famous MSN pairing was made with Messi Neymar in his club career. Messi was next to Messi as his only friend after Neymar left. His friendship with Messi Neymar was different. Suarez is set to join club Atletico Madrid for a free transfer in the new season. He has become an ordinary player and is becoming a legend of the club. Thank you Suarez

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