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#Your dream our plan #

# Your dream is our plan #

#Look better #Feel better

# Forever Living Products Bangladesh Ltd.

# Are you thinking of doing something other than a job or business?

# A company that can do it on its own without any hassle?

# Doing something good means investing money, but do you think you can do something good without money?

হলেThen I would say you work for Forever Company.

Company Profile:

1 / This is an American company. He started research on aloe vera in 1952

2 / was started in America in 1982.

3 / was started internationally in 1986.

4 / It trades in 180+ countries including Bangladesh.

5 / Established in Bangladesh on 12 May 2010.

6 / Has been doing business in Bangladesh for 11 years.

6 / Company's product 400+

6 / 8+ in Bangladesh

9 / Company Age International 42 years.

Doing business in its own building in 10/60 countries.

Company Benefits:

1 / Product World Best.

2 / Each product is made in its own and its own factory.

3 / You can order the product from anywhere

If you do, you will get the product.

4 / Product's wallet is guaranteed, one month

If there is no benefit in using the product

Then the company will refund the money, which is no other

The company does not pay.

5 / Your monthly income is from 1st to 15th

Will be delivered to your bank account within.

Note: If 1st to 15th is Friday then 14th is closed then 14th then money will reach the bank account on 13th.

6 / Every product has quality.

6 / True every year of the company and every 6 months

There are, at the expense of the company.

6/15% from MRP if new one joins

The advantage of discount. 35% if you buy combo pack and join

There are benefits of discounts.

9 / A discount will consistently reach a maximum of 48%.

10 / The most interesting thing is the bonus

There are advantages.

11 / Joining Free (no investment required)

12 / You can do business in any country sitting in the country and if you are abroad, you can do business in any country.

13 / Even if you have ID in Bangladesh, all countries

You can work in the office.

How to join:

1 / Your voter ID card / birth registration.

2 / Online Bank

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i dream i lived bangladesh.Subscribe to help us

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Thank you Bro. You are my inspiration

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