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3 years ago

The name of the website that I will earn from is comextrades

πŸ‘‰It is an international trading website with running days 506 days, member- 109000 up.

Here we will invest some dollars and they will give us some profit by doing business

Minimum 10$ investment

Payment will be available within 48 hours. You can take Bikash or Rocket payment with dollars.

The amount of dollars you invest will be returned to you after 20 days and you will get 2.10% profit on it every day.

There is no paragraph of the referee here. There will be income without referrals. But more income if referred. Bonuses up to 3rd generation of referrers can be found here.

✌ First Generation 5%

✌ Second Generation 2%

✌ Third Generation 1%

For example, you will get 5% of the investment of the referrer and 2% for the referrer and 1% for the referrer.

πŸ˜… profit less risk and less πŸ˜…

You can say if you are interested. We will all work together as a group and cooperate in creating an account


Making money from online / investment are always a little risky.So those who will invest, will do at their own risk.If there is any problem, the admin or any person will not be responsibleπŸ™πŸ™

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