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Colon cancer:

These days we are all familiar with a very common disease. And that is colon cancer. One of the most common causes is excessive fluoride use. Most toothpastes on the market contain fluoride. Due to lack of awareness, many people still use Colgate, but the fact that cancer germs were found in Colgate was also reported in various journals. But still many people are not aware that I am using fluoride toothpaste regularly day after day. And since this deadly colon cancer does not affect in a day, we are using fluoride toothpaste. When there is nothing left to do at the very last stage, even if you spend lakhs of rupees abroad, you can go abroad to recover. The great novelists, playwrights and even those we don't know have not been left out.

The number of people who do not know fiction writer, playwright, novelist Humayun Ahmed is very low. He also died of colon cancer. Actor Chadwick Boseman, who played the living role in the popular movie Black Panther a few days ago, died at the age of 43 after being diagnosed with colon cancer.

No one can make us aware if we are not aware of ourselves. So I am aware of my place and by using fluoride free tooth gel I am free from many unwanted diseases.

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