Believe me.

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3 years ago

No one asks the wine seller if he has mixed water with wine! But the milk seller suspected that he had mixed the water. The Akij Group has been making bidis in the country for 60 years and no one stopped them, but when Corona went to build a hospital for the patients, the people of the area stopped them. If someone doesn't get a government job, I don't think he is qualified. When I hear that someone has got a job again, I ask- how much bribe did you have to pay? Our mentality is full of negative viruses.

If no one helps, I say cruel. Again, when someone comes forward to help, I doubt - what does the man mean! People will call you stingy if you use less expensive mobile. And if you use an expensive set, you will cut your face and say- how much is the boil! We do not let anyone lead, nor do we give peace to the person behind.

I believe that even if I hear that the boy from a remote area is doing a job on Google, but I hear that the boy next door is preparing to do a job on Google, but I think it is oppressive. Because our idea is that successful people are born in the next village, in the next area but not in their own house. Today you give status with a neat romantic writing, people will think you are copying from Humayun Ahmed's book. And if you write something contradictory on Facebook, people will believe that you wrote it. Many find it difficult to believe that people close to them can do good.

It costs one taka to drink filtered pure water, and 3 taka to use contaminated water in public toilets. In fact, many of us in the country believe in forbidden things and believe in corrupt things. We watch pornography in secret but don't listen to two good advices in public. Actors are becoming rich by playing the role of poor people, while the real poor remain poor. The price of lies is much higher than the truth in the world.

We dream of working for a big company with big degrees, but no one dreams of owning a big company and giving jobs to many. That's why after graduation, no mother or father wants their son to do business, everyone hands over the file in search of a job. None of us lose because of incompetence, but many of us cannot believe that we have the ability.

Believe me, there is no one else in the whole world like you. You can be one of the successful people if you want.

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3 years ago