Aloe vera Gelly

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aloe vera Gelly:

Aloe vera jelly works wonderfully to relieve skin pain. Can be used on skin before ultrasonic treatment and after electrolysis and radiotherapy. People engaged in hair trimming and hair styling use it to protect all hair roots and skin after hair perming and coloring. Aloe vera jelly is an excellent companion for your first aid in every moment, from your bathroom to the kitchen and leisure camp.

Aloe Vera Gelly:

# Quickly relieves skin pain

# No stains on clothes

#Moisturizes skin to prolong your tan Prolongs the tanning process of the skin to retain moisture even after immature age

Ideal for use as #FirstAid

Amount: 118 m. Ltd.

Manusher by USA

Terms of use

Cleanse the skin with Aloe Hand & Face Soap and use as needed.

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