4 most comfortable jobs in Bangladesh

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2 years ago

Friends, today I will talk about the 4 most comfortable jobs in Bangladesh. The jobs that you can spend lying down, sitting, sleeping, eating. Enjoy in real life.

1. BTCL: It is the office of telecommunication. If you take a job here, you can sleep, eat, work with your girlfriend on time. There is no such thing as a job here. Just send the telephone bills to the ministry at the end of the month.

2 PTD: The only job in this job is to check files from one table to another. Absolutely comfortable job. The ordinary peon of this office receives a higher salary than the teacher of a government college.

3 Teletalk: Teletalk is one of the few mobile SIM companies in Bangladesh. If you work for other companies in Bangladesh like Robi, Banglalink, Grameen Phone, there are many professions. You will definitely have to think about the target of the month. But if you work for Teletalk, you will only sit in a court-tie, pants, suit. There is no pressure.

4 Custom and vat: I personally went to the custom many times to find the people I was looking for, they were sleeping, eating, watching TV. Then you understand. How comfortable the job here actually is.

In fact, although everything is comfortable here, in reality, many people are not comfortable in loving their work even after getting this facility. So you can tell how you like the post in the comments.

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